10 DISTURBING Behaviors Women Think Are Acceptable Towards Men – Are You Guilty?

By Krystal Brown

Creepy behavior is often associated with men, but it’s important to recognize that unsettling behaviors are not limited by gender. Both men and women can sometimes cross boundaries and engage in actions that cause discomfort.

Not So Subtle Stalking

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Men notoriously say plenty of creepy things to women, but it can go both ways! ‘Facebook stalking’ is a famous term used for when people spend time going through all of someone’s posts and pictures on the social media website.

While many of us do this, it’s creepy when you use it to make conversation in the real world. Comments such as “you went there a few years ago, didn’t you?” after seeing a very old post about it is a little bit creepy.

The Obsessive Complimenter

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Men don’t get a lot of compliments, so making one to them can actually make their day. A simple “you look great today” is a surefire way to put a smile on their face. But as with everything, there comes a line that you shouldn’t cross.

This is especially true if they keep getting complimented when they’ve made it clear they are not interested. “You must work out a lot, your muscles are so sexy” is not cool unless he’s flirting back, and you have that type of connection.

Personal Space Invasion

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The crossing of personal boundaries should be done with trepidation. While you may want to make a move and be close to someone, you should immediately back away if they are uncomfortable. Women know this all too well, but they can do it to men as well.

Standing excessively close and whispering things like “I like feeling your energy,” will send a shiver down their spine, and not in a good way! Personal space always needs to be respected.

The Fortune Teller

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Men are worse than women for many things on this list, but not this one! Women have a habit of getting too far ahead of themselves and predicting the future. Men are much more stoic and are unlikely to have the same fantasies.

“What would you want to name our children?,” “We’re meant to be together, aren’t we” and “where are we getting married” are all appropriate questions if the relationship has got serious, but not after you’ve just met.

The Inappropriate Confessor

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Women, like everyone else, may share inappropriate personal information with someone they aren’t close to. This can be especially true when sharing details about past relationships or sexual experiences.

To some women, TMI doesn’t seem to exist in their thinking. This can be hypocritical too as many of these women would hate it if a man confessed some inappropriate things to them.

Unwanted Advances

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Every relationship must start with someone shooting their shot but there’s definitely a right and a wrong way to go about it. You need to sense there is chemistry there and know to back down straight away if the other person isn’t interested.

Comments such as “I’ve had some very vivid dreams about you” or “You’re so much hotter than all the other guys here” may seem flattering but it soon gets creepy if they are not interested. Men too can feel objectified and uncomfortable.

The Manipulative Guilt-Tripper

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Things can start to really get weird for men when women try to make them feel guilty about not making them happy. Phrases like “I can’t sleep because of you” are not just creepy but they can feel very unsettling.

Emotional manipulation is never healthy in any type of relationship. Another example could be “I wouldn’t be depressed if I had you,” which are not acceptable. Sadly, a few women think it’s okay to resort to manipulation when everything else has failed.

The Sudden Attachment

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There are exceptions, of course, but men often don’t fall instantly in love. The growing of affection can take time but the woman may feel different. In these situations, it’s important to understand and be patient, as there are many factors at play.

Saying things like “I can’t imagine my life without you now” may seem cute but they may scare him off. Saying something like that once without a positive response can be brushed off but if you keep doing it, then it’s creepy.

 The Boundary Pusher

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As we’ve said a few times, you need to know where the line is. Sometimes women keep stepping over that line, even if they know the man isn’t interested. They think with a little persistence, he may change his mind.

Phrases like “I know you’re just playing hard to get” or “you’ll change your mind eventually,” are flat-out creepy and uncomfortable. If he ever was going to change his mind, that ends as soon as he hears comments like that.

 The Eavesdropper’s Whisper

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We can accidentally overhear things from time to time. We may also hear gossip from others. However, if this is relayed back by a woman to a man she’s interested in, that can be creepy.

“I overheard you say you’re having a few troubles with your wife” or “I know about your financial problems” can be a little bit terrifying. Facebook stalking can be creepy enough, but here a man may think you’re stalking them for real.