When Celebrities Go Crazy with Parenting: The Shocking and Outlandish Stories!

By Krystal Brown

Believe it or not, celebrities are just like us when it comes to parenting, for the most part. However, the difference is that obviously their whole lives are caught on camera. Below are some of the craziest celebrity parenting moments (to make us feel better!). 

Britney Spears 

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There was a time when Britney Spears seemed so out of it, that she didn’t seem to realize that she nearly dropped her infant son on his head. She definitely at least strained his neck. It’s a moment that she will never be able to forget, and we won’t either. Britney has also been seen with her first son, driving with him on her lap in her black SUV. She stated it was because paparazzi were harassing her, but these claims were denied. 

Chrissy Teigen 

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One of the most loved moms of the world, Chrissy was seen holding her baby Luna in an awkward position. It took to Twitter, where a fan called Chrissy out for manhandling her baby wrong. Chrissy took the time to fight back and defend her parenting skills. She stated that it was late and she was going to put her baby in the stroller when paparazzi ambushed her family. 

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At 20 months old, her son fell with her down the stairs and had to receive stitches on his head. Ripa was so distraught with guilt that she spent the following year going down the stairs by sliding on her rump.

Kailyn Lowry 

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Kailyn was one of the teen moms who seemed to have their life somewhat sorted. As a breastfeeding advocate and a woman who was natural-minded, it was a shock to find out that her and husband Javi Marroquin were under the rocks and how the arguments that they faced together, and the fights, all happened in front of their son, Isaac. 

Peaches Geldof

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It has been known that Peaches had a troubled time, and when photos emerged of her dumping her son’s pram, people noticed that Peaches did stop and scooped up her baby from the sidewalk, but didn’t hang up on the call that she was taking at the time. Peaches did tweet later that day that her son was unhurt because he was buckled in. However, the photos show that her son, Astala, had fallen out of the pram upside down, so wasn’t buckled in at the time. 

Kate Gosselin

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Even though there was plenty of drama following her life with her husband Jon, things seemed to ease a bit when the two of them divorced. However, shortly after, there were photos of Kate losing her temper with her children. 

Michael Jackson

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We all know that Jackson hit the headlines when he dangled his son over a balcony with a blanket covering his head. Prince was called Blanket throughout his childhood and was actually bullied for years because of his nickname. He now goes by the name Bigi, which he chose himself. 

Kourtney Kardashian

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When Kourtney’s daughter Penelope was little, she seemed to be in a bit of a rush as she toddled along with her dinosaur backpack. However, this rush then caused her to get hit in the face by a car door. Even though we can’t blame Kourtney for this accident, the sad part is that she doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her daughter, instead, the person behind her reaches out to aid Penelope’s fall. 


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P!nk was criticized after she uploaded a picture of her daughter Willow in a car seat. However, it was noticed that even though she was six at the time, the car seat that Willow was in was improperly buckled. It was also noted that Willow is at the age where she could be using a more precisely placed chest clip which is supposed to lay across the child’s chest, not below the ribs where their organs are. If there was an accident with the way she was buckled, Willow could’ve been seriously injured. 

Farrah Abraham

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Farrah is known to be criticized for parenting mistakes, but one of the most serious is her lack of understanding on what is appropriate for children. The teen mom was treating her little girl as if she was an accessory and an afterthought. She forgot to send daughter to school, which left her with her grandmother, who she didn’t get along with. 

Kim Kardashian 

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Whilst walking on the sidewalk with her daughter North, who was walking behind her holding onto the hand of an older child, North tripped and fell. Kim didn’t look back or even notice that her child wasn’t close behind, and even though it could be because North was okay and didn’t cry, it is slightly unnerving that Kim didn’t notice.

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