Couple Leave Their Own Wedding Early When the Best Man Proposes and Ruins the Day

By Emma Williams

A newlywed recently searched for support online when he was accused of being immature for leaving his wedding early. The 30-year-old man took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) to tell readers about the awful experience he had at his wedding to his 34-year-old husband. 

All Was Going Well until the Speeches

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The man told readers that he and his husband were having a great time until it was time for the speeches. Then, the best man proposed to his girlfriend as part of his speech. The girlfriend said “yes,” and that was when “all hell broke loose.” 

All of the Attention Was on the Best Man

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Everyone went to congratulate the best man and his girlfriend, interrupting the speeches and bringing them to an end. The man said that after the proposal, it wasn’t just the speeches that went downhill; the whole wedding did. People excitedly started eating early and did not pay the two grooms any attention. 

The “First Dance” Was the Last Straw

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If all of this sounds like an awful experience for the newlyweds, there was worse to come.  We all know it is traditional for a happy couple to have their first dance together, but on this occasion, it was a different happy couple that was the center of attention. The OP revealed the best man asked the DJ to play his and his girlfriend’s song while everyone watched THEM dance together. This led to other couples asking the DJ to play “their song” until the wedding celebrations were more about the guests than the groom. 

People Were Exhausted

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When the couple finally got to dance together, the guests were exhausted and did not pay them any attention. This was the last straw for the OP, who told his husband he no longer wanted to be at the wedding, so they both agreed to leave. The only person the couple said goodbye to was their parents, and nobody else noticed their departure.

Phone Calls Started to Arrive

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A few days after the wedding, the OP’s cousin called to ask what time he left his wedding, and he told them the truth. The woman said she was unhappy that she never got to say goodbye and that he was immature for doing what he did. Other family members called the OP to say the same thing, telling him he needs to “lighten up .”Family members told him he should be happy that he made other family members “feel romantic,” but the OP did not feel that way. 

Readers Were in Disbelief

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The man need not have worried about what online readers would think as they all agreed that he was not the immature person in the story. One shocked person asked, “How on earth could they think it’s okay to propose on YOUR wedding day?! Even if you’re so stupid to think that’s okay, you ask the wedding couple!” It was fair to say that readers did not think the man was being an a**hole.

The DJ Should Take Some of the Blame

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Other readers were annoyed at the DJ for allowing the best man to take over the first dance and continue playing songs for the guests rather than the grooms. One said, “The DJ sucks, he should have thought about what he was doing before playing everybody’s song.” Another said, “They should maybe tell the DJ they owe them a refund since he didn’t do his job.”

The Guests Should Pay

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Many people were not laying blame on the DJ but on all of the wedding guests. One online user said, “You should send them a bill for the party they usurped. Because that was YOUR party, NOT theirs, and they had NO RIGHT to do this.” One person was more specific and blamed the best man and his girlfriend, saying, “They hijacked your wedding because they’re cheap, and wanted to celebrate their engagement on your dime. Nope. Don’t let that happen. Send them the bill.”

Focusing on the Positives

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While there was outrage for the couple, many empathetic readers encouraged them to put the wedding behind them and move on. One person said, “Congratulations on getting married! It was an expensive way to find out who cared for you.” This person also pointed out that the man “found out that your husband and you and the parents are on the same page.”

Payback Time

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Some humorous readers suggested the OP get his own back by telling him to “Announce your pregnancy at the other couple’s wedding.” While this gained a lot of laughs, others were more serious in their concerns that the man was still friends with the best man and hoped that the man had taken the opportunity to get rid of the toxic people in his life. 

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