12 Things That Were Cool as a Kid but Suck as an Adult

By Krystal Brown

Childhood recollections often brim with nostalgic fondness for things that were once captivating and delightful. Nevertheless, as we step into adulthood, certain of these encounters lose their allure and may even transform into less appealing prospects.

Owning a Fair Amount of Cash

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It costs a lot of money to get by as adults in the current world. We need to use our hard-earned cash on a variety of things, including household expenses, rent or mortgage payments, food and beverages, medical expenses, automobile maintenance or public transportation expenditures, and taxes. So we often have very little meaning attached to even tiny amounts of money.

But while we’re young, a little bit of cash makes us feel wealthy. One person thought it was great to have $100 in their child’s bank account. One person remembers being required to submit an essay about how they would spend $1,000, and they claim they and other students wrote about purchasing homes and limos.

Being Toothless

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Losing a tooth when you’re young signifies two things: one, that you’re growing up, which we now recognize we shouldn’t wish for, and second, that the tooth fairy will be visiting you soon to swap money for your missing tooth. With an obvious gap between your teeth, you could also get compliments on how adorable you are.

As several people noted, missing a tooth as an adult typically indicates that you’ve been in an accident or were hit in your mouth, and you look weird. Furthermore, unless you spend money on an artificial replacement, the tooth won’t be replaced.

Getting Mail

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The act of getting letters is fascinating for kids. One user recalled their pen pal experiences as kids and how they would eagerly ask their guardians if there was something in the mail for them. Fan club correspondence and cards with cash inside are two other types of thrilling mail that kids get.

As an adult, most mail is either boring or disturbing. Many users noted that, as adults, the majority of the letters they get are invoices or advertisements.

Circular Spinning

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A reader said that one of the basic pleasures of childhood was spinning in a circle. If it got you dizzy, you welcomed it and found tremendous enjoyment in stumbling about everything. Doing so gave you a wonderful sense of freedom.

However, as we get older, we become less tolerant of such erratic movements. Others who participated in the conversation said that they had grown older and that rotating their heads too quickly or getting up from the couch caused them to feel dizzy.

Visiting a Fair

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Many people remarked that when they were younger, they enjoyed fun festivals, carnivals, and amusement parks. That is not to argue that adults cannot like such resorts, but one general response from users explained why adults find them less enjoyable than children. Our parents give us free admission to amusement parks while we’re kids. Adults today must pay for not just themselves but also the locations where our kids go to school, which may be rather expensive. Also, bringing kids usually requires us to endure the kiddie rides when we’d rather be on adult-only rides or drinking a beer.

Sleeping Late

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A reader claimed that while staying up until two in the morning as a child seemed like the possibilities were limitless, doing so as an adult only makes you worry about how you’ll feel the next day.

Although there were different views on this—some people even claimed that they were better at keeping up late as adults—people generally agreed with the initial stance.


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Another common response came from a user who stated that summers were thrilling for children since they corresponded with an extended length of time off from school. Also, they mentioned how hot summers are for adults, even if you have to leave for work and labor all day.

A lot of users concurred, with one even claiming that it was the solution they had been looking for. Others even went so far as to claim that, as adults, they detested summer.

Childhood Beverages

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Some thirst-quenching childhood favorites simply don’t taste as good now.

“For whatever reason, drinking Capri-Suns and Mountain Dew is like sipping acidic water mingled with jagged thumbtacks.”

Teenagers Are the Worst

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“When you’re a child, you can’t wait to be a teenager because they are the coolest. As adults, they are simply foolish brats.”

When You Wake Up in Someone Else’s Bed

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“Waking up somewhere other than where you went to sleep.” As an adult, it generally means you drank a lot and will be paying for it with a painful hangover rather than a devoted parent tenderly tucking you into bed.

Sugar Rushes

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“Consuming a large amount of candy at one time.” Consuming excessive amounts of sweets used to be enjoyable, but for most people, it now causes unpleasant migraines, indigestion, and other stomach issues.

Entertaining Visitors

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“People coming to your home to visit and stay for a few days.” It translates to a lot of fun for youngsters. It means a lot more effort for parents in terms of cleaning and entertaining. Fun for certain people but undoubtedly draining

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