19 Obsolete Concepts that Gen Z is Completely Clueless About

By Krystal Brown

As a Gen Z, here is a list of things you absolutely didn’t know existed. 

Pagers and Beepers

Small gadgets like pagers and beepers let users receive quick texts or phone numbers. The idea of keeping in touch over time by carrying a pager opened up the prospect of the widespread adoption of cell phones.

Dial-up Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)

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Before the development of the internet and technology, as we know it right now, BBS systems allowed users to access local discussion forums and exchange data and files slowly through dial-up connections.


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Before desktop computers and word processing programs became widely utilized, papers were written on typewriters. The way people typed before the comfort of backspace and copy-paste features may be intriguing to today’s youth.

Polaroid Cameras

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Instant photographs were generated by Polaroid cameras, which developed before your very eyes. Those who were not exposed to the delight of shaking a Polaroid photo and seeing it progressively reveal a captured scene may not have experienced it.

Portable CD Players and Walkman

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Portable CD players and Walkmans were widely used for listening to music while on the move before the advent of iPods and mobile phones, but they came with the hassle of lugging about a stack of CDs or coping with skipped songs.

Rotating TVs With Antennas

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Before the advent of cable and satellite TV, users of rotary TVs with antennas had to manually turn the antenna to find a strong signal and change the visual quality.

Yellow Pages

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Yellow Pages were directories that were devoted solely to commercial listings, much like phone books. Because internet searches and review sites have replaced printed Yellow Pages directories, millennials may have never used a real copy of the directory.

Film Projectors

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Before projection screens and video streaming services became popular, movies were projected onto a screen or wall using film projectors. Some people might find it rather alien to see movies using reel-to-reel projectors in a small theater.

Compact Disks

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Floppy disks were the primary method for storing and transferring data before USB flash drives and cloud storage. Many young people nowadays have never felt the discomfort of a little amount of storage and the brittleness of these drives.

Tape Cassettes

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Before CDs and online music streaming sites took over, cassette tapes were a common way to listen to music. The way that music was played and stored before MP3s may fascinate youngsters.


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Encyclopedias were used for study and general knowledge before the internet became a great source of information. The fact that a complete set of encyclopedias was formerly seen as a worthwhile investment may surprise a lot of individuals.

Fax Machines

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Documents were sent electrically over telephone lines using fax machines. People who have never had to use fax machines have no idea how much this antiquated technology has been supplanted by today’s email networks and document scanning.

TVs With Cathode Ray Tubes

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CRT TVs had sharply curved displays and were big, heavy appliances. Younger generations who grew up on  LED TVs and flat-screen LCDs would never have seen CRT televisions, which had poorer image quality and fewer channel options.

Phone Books

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Today, we are more likely to use internet directories or search engines when searching for phone numbers or addresses than we were in the past when looking for contact details for businesses and individuals was done only through an actual phone book.

Rotary Phones

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Before the invention of touch-tone phones, rotary phones were the standard, and their circular dials required users to manually turn a dial to enter each number.

Dial-up Internet

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The difficulties of dial-up internet, which was characterized by poor connection speeds may not be understood to Gen Z users who grew up with high-speed online.

VHS Tapes and VCRs

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Before the popularity of DVDs and digital streaming services, VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders) and VHS cassettes were the main methods for recording and viewing movies and TV shows.

Magazines Were Widely Available

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Even though millions of people browse every day, most of them use applications and websites on their phones. The magazine era dominated American culture in the 1980s and 1990s. Back then, magazines occupied a far larger space than just a few racks at the supermarket. People all around the country were addicted to the enormous magazine business. It was the ideal method to read lengthy articles on a variety of topics, including politics, sports, and everything else.

Listening to Music Videos

Woman listening to music
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MTV used to be the home to a ton of music videos that aired throughout the day until it evolved into a broadcast cycle of Jersey Shore and The Challenge. For many young people, racing home from school to see the premiere of their favorite band’s new music video was an important milestone. These days, musicians upload their music videos straight to websites like YouTube, or even worse, they don’t upload any videos at all!

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