18 Common Behaviors That Will Make People Lose Respect for You

By Krystal Brown

Nurturing and upholding respect in both personal and professional interactions is essential for overall development. In this compilation, we shed light on 18 prevalent behaviors that hold the potential to diminish respect, offering insights into what to steer clear of in order to safeguard and elevate the respect others hold for you.

Repeatedly Interrupting Others

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It is completely disrespectful to interrupt someone while they are talking and ignore their thoughts and opinions. Also, it could suggest a greater disrespect for attentive listening and downplay the significance of your ideas.

Neglecting Personal Boundaries

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People may stop respecting you if you violate their physical or emotional limits. Recognizing and respecting others’ boundaries is essential in all situations if you want to sustain positive, respectful interactions with people.

Not Being Truthful

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Being dishonest or lying often will undermine trust and ruin your most valuable relationships. To gain and keep other people’s respect, one must act with integrity and transparency.

According to Tribune Online, “A lot of people appreciate integrity and honesty in all facets of life. If you are truthful and have integrity, people will respect you more, whether you are honoring a promise or stating the truth. 

Not Giving Others Recognition for Their Work

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It’s impossible to gain respect by taking credit for another person’s achievements. Giving recognition where it needs to be given and acknowledging others’ contributions builds trust and promotes teamwork.

Lack of Respect for Others’ Time

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You might give the impression that you don’t appreciate other people’s time and commitments by consistently being late or neglecting their schedules. To uphold respect and foster good relationships, one must be on time and considerate of others’ time.

Not Having Empathy 

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A lack of empathy or concern for others might come across as icy and callous, which will make you lose your respect.

Bad Communication Skills 

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Relationship building and upkeep depend heavily on communication. Poor communication, such as disrupting others, not paying attention, or talking too loudly, might cause people to lose regard for you.


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People can lose faith in you and respect you less if you break your promises or don’t meet your commitments.

Unprofessional Behavior

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In a work environment, acting inappropriately—using foul language or being impolite, for example—can cause people to lose respect for you.


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You may come across as self-centered and offend people if you prioritize your needs and wants before theirs.


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Losing respect can result from being closed-minded and unapproachable by refusing to explore different viewpoints or ideas.

Spreading Lies or Gossip

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Spreading falsehoods or engaging in gossip may damage your reputation, make others dislike you, and erode any trust you might have earned from them. It can also poison the workplace.

According to an Expert Editor, “Gossip is generally a discourse that seeks to divulge secrets and thoughts about someone who isn’t there, whether it’s about a celebrity, a coworker, or a buddy. It is a betrayal of trust. People may be scared of you since they never know when they may be the focus of a subsequent gossip session.”

Not Being Accountable

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It’s immature and shows a lack of character to avoid responsibility and place the blame for your errors on others. Earning and maintaining respect requires taking responsibility for your actions and upholding your word.

Disregarding the Opinions or Suggestions of Others

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Dismissing others will destroy any potential collaboration while creating an environment rife with contempt. To encourage actual creativity, it is crucial to seize every chance to appreciate various points of view and pay attention to what others have to say.

Being Prejudiced or Judgmental

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It is unacceptable to have a prejudicial mindset or act in a prejudiced manner toward others due to their ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other traits. Today, it is essential to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

According to The Gleaner, “By harshly criticizing others, we encourage others to do the same, leading to a culture of judgment and hostility that erodes trust in people.”

Bragging Excessively

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Are you aware that bragging is a major turn-off to everyone listening, and it becomes worse if you can’t control yourself even after the other person has said, “Ok, I understand!”

Although it could seem that many people are engaging in this behavior nowadays, at least they are being honest about it. All bragging entails is knocking down other people to feel good about themselves. Although it may appear to be the best approach to get respect, no one appreciates a haughty person who believes they are superior to others.

You Deal With Others for Selfish Reasons

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Do you behave differently toward others when you want things from them, such as power or money? Do you value people for who they are, rather than treating them based on their abilities? Individuals who have experienced this type of treatment claim to be skeptical and uneasy about the loyalty and honesty of other individuals.

According to experiments, people who intentionally treat them like they are insignificant do their best to avoid being taken for granted by the one doing so.

Inability to Follow Through

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Are you prone to making plans and making commitments but then failing to follow through? People may stop respecting you if they believe you only make promises and don’t truly follow through.

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