12 College Degrees with Limited Demand in Today’s Competitive Job Landscape

By Krystal Brown

We take a look at the college degrees that may see you struggling to find a job.


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Traditionally, if you had a degree in advertising you could look forward to a career in e-commerce, print, marketing, sports, TV, or any other industry that requires advertising. However, these days companies are looking for highly specialized people so they will be looking for people who have a specific degree rather than a general advertising degree. 

Culinary Arts

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Going to culinary college was once a necessity if you wanted to make it as a top chef. However, research shows that with rising tuition costs and huge demands for chefs, more people are skipping college and training for the job. Raw talent and dedication are what restaurateurs are looking for and not necessarily a chef who can follow a recipe and have precise knife skills. 

Fashion Design

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A fashion degree may seem like a necessity to enter the fashion industry but, like chefs, fashion designers require flair and creativity that cannot necessarily be taught at college. Being a success in the fashion industry means building strong connections and it is often about who you know rather than what you know so you have to question paying thousands of dollars doing a degree when you could be working on building a portfolio that will stand out from the crowd. 

Archaeology and Anthropology

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While a degree in archaeology or anthropology may sound exciting to history buffs it does not always translate into a secure career. A successful career in one of these areas can see you expand your knowledge of history, travel the world, and earn a great wage. The issue is that all of these perks alongside the opportunity to get a PhD. and participate in groundbreaking research is a pipe-dream for many. The lack of opportunities means that jobs are few and far between so many college graduates are left looking for another career. 

Creative Writing

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Creative writing is an enjoyable career for those who have a passion for reading, writing, and storytelling. A college degree in creative writing is, however, a very niche subject and if there are few opportunities to get work published a college degree may not go a long way in getting a different career. Being a successful writer can be a hard slog so until you get your big break you may struggle to make ends meet and will have to take many small jobs to earn a living. 


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Those with a business head often think that a degree in entrepreneurship can help them launch a successful business once they finish their degree. On its own, however, the degree does not mean much as it simply gives you the tools of running a business but you need individual flair and creativity to think of a successful idea. Sometimes hands-on business experience, even if that means working from the bottom of the ladder, is worth much more than a degree in entrepreneurship.

Film and Video Production

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Kids who have spent their lives watching movies and dreaming of producing their own one day are often setting themselves up for a fall. A degree in film and TV production is sure to offer many exciting opportunities but the industry is cutthroat and you will need to show something exceptional if you want to impress big Hollywood producers. You will learn all of the skills that you need to make a movie but you need to network and show your raw talent if you want to be noticed. 


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Learning a language is a great skill to have but it does not necessarily translate into a secure career. A career will enable you to meet new people and travel to new places but opportunities are often short-term and many people with language degrees tend to jump from job to job. For a secure career, a degree in a different course may be more fruitful. If you are keen to learn another language you can look at taking a dual degree so you can learn something alongside becoming bilingual. 


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Like film and TV, music is an exciting industry in which creatives can work in a job they love. Getting paid to make music is the dream of many which is why they study it at college. While playing and making music is great when it comes to earning good money to make a career out of it things are not so promising. As there are so few opportunities to make a breakthrough many people fail to land their dream career and will job surf in the hope that they can make it one day. 

Fine Art

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A degree in fine art is one of the most enjoyable that you can do if you love all things drawing, painting, and sculpting. You can spend your time in college expanding on your skills and opening up your creative world. Those who have exceptional talent may find that they secure a career from their studies but those who are average may be unemployed for a long time. There is always the opportunity to work freelance but this does not offer the financial security some people need. 


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Philosophy majors tend to stay in academia so careers in this area are few and far between. While you will be very knowledgeable when you finish your degree the degree does not cross over into many career paths. 

Travel and Tourism

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Being paid to travel sounds like a dream job and while a college degree will provide years of fun, graduates often struggle to secure a well-paid job once they complete. Getting a job in the travel industry is often dependent on the demand for vacations and while people are currently struggling with the cost of living it may be especially difficult. 

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