Close Calls and Celebrities: The Near-Death Encounters That Shocked the World!

By Krystal Brown

The captivating world of cinema, while adorned with allure and extravagance, can also harbor lurking perils. Numerous actors have found themselves teetering on the brink of life and death during filming, victims of miscalculated stunts, unforeseen accidents, and unforeseen medical complications.

This list looks into the most harrowing tales of actors and actresses who braved perilous situations in the pursuit of cinematic artistry, miraculously evading the grasp of misfortune. From near-misses to harrowing escapades, these accounts serve as stark reminders of the inherent risks concealed beneath the dazzling façade of the film industry.

Tom Hanks

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Almost facing a tragic turn of events, the amiable actor Tom Hanks, renowned for his roles, including the one in “Castaway,” encountered a close call when he suffered a seemingly minor cut on the film’s set. The innocuous wound, however, took a serious turn as it swiftly became infected. Hanks, upon seeking medical attention, received a sobering diagnosis from a doctor who warned about the potential of the cut poisoning his blood, leading to his hospitalization. This unforeseen incident resulted in a setback of three weeks in the filming schedule

Kate Winslet

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In the Titanic film, a distressing incident unfolded during a scene depicting the sinking ship, placing Winslet in a perilous situation where she was dangerously close to drowning and sustained multiple injuries. The intense sequence portrayed Jack and Rose attempting to escape the inundating water, only to find themselves ensnared by a gate. Following the completion of the scene, the crew opened the gate to facilitate the actors’ exit; however, Winslet faced a life-threatening predicament. Her jacket became entangled on iron bars, leaving her trapped underwater. Reflecting on the incident in a 1997 interview with The Los Angeles Times, Winslet recounted, “I had no breath left. I thought I’d burst.”

Gerard Butler 

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In 2011, while filming “Chasing Mavericks,” Gerard Butler had a harrowing brush with death when he was engulfed by powerful waves for nearly a minute. He encountered a perilous situation known as a “two-wave” scenario, where enormous waves submerge a person so deeply that they are unable to resurface before the next wave crashes down. Gerard described it as resembling a tsunami, leaving him submerged and struggling to resurface. Thankfully, he managed to escape the incident without sustaining any significant injuries, despite the fear-inducing nature of the ordeal.

Jennifer Lawrence

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While filming “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” Jennifer Lawrence had a terrifying experience when she nearly asphyxiated due to smoke emitted by a malfunctioning fog machine. As the rescue team worked to regain control over the situation, Jennifer and other cast members found themselves choking and desperately searching for an escape route in a rapidly filling tunnel. Fortunately, a quick-thinking crew member came to Jennifer’s aid, carrying her out of the dense smoke, averting a potentially tragic outcome.

Sylvester Stallone 

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During the production of “Rocky IV,” Sylvester Stallone faced a life-threatening situation when his co-star Dolph Lundgren inadvertently caused his heart to stop by delivering a powerful punch. Surprisingly, it was Sylvester himself who had suggested that Dolph hit him hard, but the severity of the outcome was unexpected. Following the punch, Sylvester was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU) and remained under emergency care for four days as a result of the incident.

Halle Berry

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While shooting a romantic scene with Pierce Brosnan for “Die Another Day,” Halle Berry experienced a frightening incident that almost led to her choking to death. In the scene, Halle had a fig fruit in her mouth while engaging in a kiss with Pierce. Unfortunately, the fig became lodged in her throat, posing a serious choking hazard. Acting swiftly, Brosnan came to her aid and performed the Heimlich maneuver, successfully dislodging the fig and preventing a potential tragedy. Reflecting on the incident during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Halle humorously remarked, “I was supposed to be trying to be all sexy with a fig – and then I end up choking on it.”

Viggo Mortensen 

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During the filming of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” there was a pivotal scene where Aragorn delivers a speech outside the Black Gate of Mordor. This particular scene was shot in the Rangipo Desert area of New Zealand, which had previously been utilized by the military for training exercises. Unbeknownst to the film crew, there were potentially dangerous explosives hidden within the vicinity. A secure route and designated filming location were established, ensuring that everyone remained out of harm’s way. Thanks to the director’s careful planning, the team was able to complete the scene without any incidents or triggering of the hidden explosives.

Isla Fisher

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During the filming of “Now You See Me,” Isla Fisher had a perilous experience while shooting a scene involving a water tank. In the scene, her character was submerged with her arms shackled, attempting to escape before being exposed to killer fish. However, while simulating the act of drowning by banging on the glass, Isla found herself in actual distress due to entangled chains. The incident posed a genuine threat to her safety during filming.

Johnny Depp 

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While shooting the film “The Lone Ranger,” Johnny Depp and his co-star Armie Hammer were involved in a risky horse-riding scene across the desert. As the horses picked up speed, Johnny lost his grip and was thrown from the saddle, landing on the ground. Fortunately, he narrowly avoided a potential disaster as the horse narrowly missed his head by mere inches. Although he sustained minor injuries, the incident could have been far more severe.

Harrison Ford

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During the filming of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2014, Harrison Ford, who portrays Han Solo, was involved in an accident on the set. A hydraulic door on the Millennium Falcon set malfunctioned and closed on him, causing a serious injury. He suffered a broken leg and had to undergo surgery. Fortunately, he recovered and returned to filming after a few months.

Vin Diesel

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While filming “The Fast and the Furious” (2001), Vin Diesel was involved in a car accident that could have been life-threatening. In one of the scenes, Diesel’s character was supposed to drive his car into a semi-truck. However, during the take, the timing was slightly off, and the car crashed into the truck, causing significant damage. Fortunately, Diesel escaped with minor injuries, but it was a close call.

Diane Kruger

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During the filming of “Inglourious Basterds,” Diane Kruger had a distressing experience when Quentin Tarantino, the director, decided to personally perform a scene involving her being strangled. Tarantino explained that he would use his hands to cut off her air temporarily, capturing her genuine reaction on camera. While Diane managed to complete the scene without major consequences, it’s evident from her expressions that she was not feigning her emotions during the intense moment.

Jason Statham 

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During the production of “The Expendables 3,” Jason Statham had a close call with death when the brakes of his truck malfunctioned, causing him to plunge into the Black Sea. Fortunately, his expert-level diving skills proved crucial as he was able to escape the sinking vehicle and save his own life. Despite the terrifying incident, Jason’s proficiency in diving played a significant role in his survival.

Jackie Chan 

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During the filming of the 1986 movie “Armour of God,” Jackie Chan faced a life-threatening incident while performing a stunt. In an attempt to grab a tree branch, he tragically missed and fell onto rocks, resulting in a severe skull fracture. The impact caused a piece of his skull bone to penetrate his brain, requiring immediate medical attention. Jackie underwent surgery to insert a metal plate in his head to aid in his recovery. Despite the frightening experience, Jackie’s passion for his craft did not waver, and he continued to undertake daring stunts in his future endeavors.

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