10 Red Flags That Suggest He Could Be Cheating

By Aaron Stone

Are you worried your partner is cheating on you? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience this fear at some point in their relationships. But how can you tell if your partner is really being unfaithful?

He’s More Critical About You 

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Everyone has one or two quirks that need working on, but this tends to become worrisome when your partner starts capitalizing on those flaws to bash you repeatedly. This is a sign that he has someone who has taken his soft spot away from your domain.

Changes in His Daily Routine 

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Having a designated routine is our identity that serves as a roadmap to our daily lives. In a relationship, a woman tends to get used to what his man normally does at some point. A drastic change in what your man does, like a sudden love for football games, waking up at 6 a.m., etc., might require you to dig into what causes the sudden changes. It is necessary because a significant difference in a man’s routine has some verified correlation to the woman in his life. 

He Stops Being Obsessed With You

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Men are big babies that clutch onto their women. Any sign that your man is not getting obsessed about having you as his woman is terrible. Regardless of how life gets in a man’s way, his interest in his woman can never wane because you are his last hope and pillar. So when you notice a drastic change in his obsession with you, it’s a sign that his interest is in another woman. 

You Don’t Communicate Often

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It’s normal for people to get busy from time to time. But when it’s becoming a common theme that your man comes home after work without saying hello. Or he doesn’t try to make his presence felt by engaging you in conversation about his days as he used to do. Then, you need to look inward and find a means to quench the burning desire of another woman in his heart. 

He’s Becoming More Distant 

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It would get to a stage where you start wondering what you did wrong when it dawns on you that your man is physically and emotionally distant. It’s uncommon for a man to turn a stranger suddenly. People attach the reason for this to work or family stress. But in reality, any difficulties ought to be discussed with his partner. When your man is distant from you, he’s getting bonded with another woman.   

He Keeps Secret

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When he starts becoming secretive about his whereabouts and what’s going on with his work, he might also try to keep some of his stuff, like wallets, mobile phones and other personal belongings, away from you so that you don’t get to see new things he has earned. That’s a subtle way of telling you he doesn’t want you in his corner. There’s another woman out there that’s taking your place. 

He Has Become Unreachable 

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All of a sudden, you can’t get to him. A typical example is a partner who develops the habit of cutting off all means of reaching him while away. It’s no coincidence or anything; that’s the language of a cheater who wouldn’t want you to get in touch with him when he’s with the other lady. 

He Goes Out More With Friends 

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When the boring rhetoric of “I’m with my friend” pops up often, you are down the pecking order. It’s a matter of priority; a man who doesn’t count you among his social circle has something off his sleeve. It’s nothing other than that he has developed a habit of spending time with someone else. 

He Gives Flimsy Excuses 

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Have you ever set your mind up on a sweet date night with your man, only to spend the night alone in your room while he’s out on only God knows whereabouts? That’s the power of excuses when your man cooks up unnecessary reasons why he can’t meet up or do something. However, it might be true for real. But that can only be in some cases, not when it’s becoming a constant occurrence. Or you try to ask him why and end up being gas lighted. At this point, you need to get your act right because he’s a long-gone man who’s relishing life in the arms of another woman. 

He Has a Change In Libido 

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Compare your sex life in the past to the moment you develop doubts about your man. There are scientific reasons that back the influence of stress and other ailments on low drive. At the same time, that can result from another affair a man has outside. That’s quite a two-way perspective. But when intimacy has dropped, and his routine stays the same, that’s a sign that he’s having it out there with another woman. 

His Phone Habits Have Changed

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Petty acts like changing his phone password without any tangible reasons, asking for privacy when taking calls, turning off pop-up notifications, etc. Signals that your man is cheating. Most especially when he was open with you before, you need to get your facts right and validate your suspicion of cheating. Because there’s no other reason a man would do that, it’s not cheating. 

He Tries to Compare You With Another Woman

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There’s no way a man would try to cover his cheating tracks without having a moment of slip. Any weird statement like “Why can’t you be more socially active or why can’t you start using a certain perfume?” That makes you feel less of yourself often plays to the gallery of the other woman. 

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