Uncovering 12 Unspoken Challenges Men Face After Divorce

By Krystal Brown

The prospect of your wife walking away can be one of the most disastrous things a man could face in his lifetime. This is even more difficult when exposed to harsh realities that either make you feel better or torture your conscience. The following are some harsh realities men face after their wives walk away. 

Happiness and Marriage Aren’t Interrelated 

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There’s an erroneous belief that marriage is tied to happiness. Many men have fallen into the pitfalls of marrying early to find joy in life. The devastating effect of their wives walking away later in life subjects them to bitterness and confusion. But with time, they realise life goes on and eventually derive more joy from being single. Most men even found a new girlfriend who understood them, taking away the sorrow of divorce and replacing it with profound happiness. 

Never Let Go of the Red Flags

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The merriness of marriage and the glamours can make you ignore the littlest of things, most especially red flags. Most men do this in a bid to avoid confrontation and full-blown toxicity. But this is a terrible thing to do because the earlier you talk about it, the better it saves you both. The reality dawned on men who found out they left it too late after divorce. Most even questioned their decision to marry their ex with all the warning signs. 

Always Communicate Your Feelings 

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Regular communication is an important aspect of marriage. Often, men learn the hard way when they face the reality of divorce from their wives. It doesn’t improve over time when you think of the missed opportunity to initate communication between you and trash out any form of hostility. It would be much easier if both of you could iron out the rough edges without resorting to divorce. The polity of once bitten, twice shy has forced men to learn to always set the record straight by communicating how they feel to their newfound love. 

Being Friends and Co-Parents is Possible

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Divorce is not the endgame between two once-loving people. People who have not been in that situation might think it’s the end based on divorce’s toxicity. But most men have found it normal to be friends and co-parents after divorce. This is possible because their inability to put aside the difference has a negative effect on their children. Therefore, developing some post-divorce harmony is important to co-train their kids. 

Not Everything Will Work Out Fine

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The fact that you do everything right doesn’t stop the prospect of divorce. Even if you put everything in order, the possibility of a divorce still stands at 50 per cent. Most men could only reel in surprises when they recount how they did everything right from dating and engagement to marriage, yet it still end in divorce. There are no hard feelings attached to this situation. The spark just went cool. 

Prioritize Your Self-Care 

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There is a general misconception that you must go all out for your family as a man to the extent of self-deprivation. Over the years, men often put themselves on the line for their wives. They regret their actions after divorce when they realize that self-care is not selfish but a necessity to enjoy a good life.  

Always Learn From Your Mistakes 

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We are wired to make mistakes, but accepting and learning from our flaws can be difficult. But a self-conscious man who wants to take the mantle of his personal growth must take responsibility for his actions. Men often realise their mistakes after divorce. This is common during their moment of self-reflection when they are finding valuable insights into becoming a better man for the next woman. 

Being Single Is Not The End of Life

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The societal stigma and shame bestowed upon unmarried and divorced men have increased the likelihood of toxic marriage. Some men get to see the insignificance of marriage after divorce. They even questioned the essence of getting married in the first place. It’s okay to stay single, contrary to the general idea that a man must get married at a certain age. Being alone opens you up to valuable possibilities and personal growth, leading to a more concise reflection on what you want in a marriage. 

Happiness is All That Matters

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Men only discovered that being happily divorced is better than staying in a toxic marriage. It doesn’t improve if you think a miserable marriage life might change over time. Being divorced is a failure per the social construct. But trust me, you are better off ending your marriage than only being your pains and agony. It is even the best decision for everyone who prioritizes happiness and well-being as one eventuality of life. 

Maintain a Strong Bond With Your Social Circle 

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Your social circle is your greater strength in marriage, especially after divorce. Men often leave it too late before they realise the importance of keeping a close relationship with their friends. It’s fine if you place your wife ahead of your other friends. Still, it would be your greatest undoing if you completely let go of your social circle because this connection is your greatest supporter during the difficult divorce. They would steady the ship for you and even fix your emotional state. 

Divorce Might Be a Blessing in Disguise 

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There’s a thin line between a happy marriage and the sad one. Once you are in the latter, you will have the most chaotic time as a man. The effect of a toxic marriage can be so grave that it affects your productivity and lifestyle and can even lead to death. One man realizes the negative impact such relationships have had on him after being stuck in a bad marriage for years that he could only thank his goodness after divorce. 

People Never Change

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Trying to change a woman could be the worst process you could embark on. Men are faced with the harsh reality that trying to change their ex-wife was the cause of their divorce. We are all different, and accepting such a fact is one of the best ways to live harmoniously. Any idea of trying to change your partner most often leads to a disastrous ending, especially in marriage.  

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