FEUDING Fame: Celebrity Siblings Who HATE Each Other

By Krystal Brown

Delve into the turbulent world of celebrity siblings as we explore the intense animosity and deep-seated rivalries that have fueled the feud between famous brothers and sisters, leaving them locked in a state of mutual hatred.

Jessica Simpson And Ashlee Simpson

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Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson, both pop music artists, have a strained relationship and differ on many things. Ashlee’s shift to pop-punk included what seemed like a mocking reference to Jessica in her song “Shadow.” Their rivalry continues, with Jessica going on a birthday trip to St. Barthelemy while Ashlee was about to give birth, and Jessica criticizing Ashlee’s nursery furniture and baby clothes, causing hurt feelings.

Beyonce And Solange Knowles

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Despite Solange Knowles achieving a No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, many still perceive her primarily as Beyoncé’s younger sister. Being constantly overshadowed by a more prominent sibling is undoubtedly challenging, which is why the two sisters are not currently enjoying the best of terms.The infamous elevator incident, where Solange was witnessed hitting Jay-Z while Beyoncé remained silent and seemingly impartial, remains largely unexplained. 

The Jonas Brothers

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The unexpected dissolution of The Jonas Brothers in 2013 left their fans shaken. Behind the facade of a feel-good band, there were apparent tensions and conflicts among the brothers. Kevin, the eldest brother, acknowledged the presence of “friction” within the group. Each brother had their own strengths and focuses, with Kevin handling the business side, Nick prioritizing music, and Joe emphasizing entertainment and music. While these differences initially made them stronger, they ultimately contributed to their separation. 

Kim Richards And Kyle Richards

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Former child actress and TV personality Kim Richards has a strained relationship with her sister, actress and TV personality Kyle Richards. Their rocky history includes frequent arguments, feuds, and periods of not speaking to each other. In a recent interview, Kyle shared the challenge of not being able to share her accomplishments, such as selling two more TV shows, with Kim and their sister Kathy Hilton. Fearing potential disappointment, Kyle decided to keep the news to herself as she lacks parental figures to share such milestones with.

Julia Roberts And Eric Roberts

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Despite a significant 10-year age gap between Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts, they were once extremely close. However, their relationship took a turn when Eric struggled with substance abuse. Following Eric’s separation from Kelly Cunningham, with whom he shares a daughter, Emma Roberts, Julia sided with Kelly and even helped her obtain custody of the child. Fortunately, it appears that the siblings have reunited during their mother’s funeral in 2015. In a recent interview, Eric took responsibility for their estrangement, acknowledging his own behavior as exhausting and negative, , making it difficult for those around him to enjoy life. Eric recognized that everyone needed a break from him, including Julia. 

Alec Baldwin And Stephen Baldwin

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A striking contrast between Alec and Stephen Baldwin is their divergent political perspectives. Alec Baldwin gained notoriety for his satirical portrayal of the president on Saturday Night Live (SNL). In contrast, his brother Stephen holds a strong admiration for the president and has openly criticized Alec’s portrayal as disrespectful. In a recent interview, Stephen candidly revealed that he has not engaged in conversation with Alec since the election. 

Dakota Fanning And Elle Fanning

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Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning, both successful and stunning actresses in Hollywood, may appear to have it all, but their sisterly bond seems to lack a deep connection. While they don’t harbor active animosity towards each other, they struggle to relate to one another as sisters should. Elle acknowledged the challenges in their relationship from childhood, sharing that they would frequently fight, with her taller stature sometimes leading to physical altercations. Dakota also admitted that they initially had little in common, particularly during their ages of 12 and 16. However, as they both matured, their relationship gradually improved.

Emilio Estevez And Charlie Sheen

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Emilio Estevez, renowned for his role in the iconic film The Breakfast Club, and Charlie Sheen, both familiar faces in Hollywood, have pursued similar career paths. However, their shared experiences have not resulted in a close relationship. The two brothers hold contrasting opinions on almost everything, creating a barrier to their friendship. Charlie has often made jests at Estevez’s expense, while Estevez has chosen to remain silent. Nevertheless, Estevez openly admitted that he couldn’t comprehend his brother’s troubling behavior. He marveled at how Charlie turned out so differently despite being raised under the same roof, following the same rules.

Madonna And Anthony Ciccone

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Madonna, who hails from a large family with seven siblings, experiences strained relationships with some of them. Anthony, who battled homelessness and substance abuse for years, has recently been taken in by their family with hopes of his recovery. Despite Madonna reportedly funding his rehabilitation multiple times, Anthony has accused her of neglecting him. In the past, he claimed that Madonna doesn’t care about his well-being and lives in her own world. He even expressed a lack of love between them, stating that it was mutual. 

Kim Kardashian And Rob Kardashian

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Kim and Rob Kardashian have never had the best relationship, particularly due to Kim’s tough stance on Rob’s weight gain. One memorable incident occurred in 2015 when Rob shared a photo of Amy from Gone Girl on his Instagram, jokingly captioning it as his sister. Kim swiftly responded on Twitter, expressing her frustration with Rob’s attempt to get back at her. Later that year, Kim subtly retaliated during a Rolling Stone interview by referencing Rob’s weight. In 2017, Rob gifted Kim a pair of Gone Girl socks, leaving fans unsure whether he was reigniting the feud or simply joking. 

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