Top 10 Celebrity Rumors That Turned Out to Be True

By Krystal Brown

In the crazy world of Hollywood, celebrities  spill all sorts of juicy secrets. From hush-hush affairs to sneaky plastic surgery, these stars sure know how to keep things interesting!

Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman spent years denying rumors of having undergone any cosmetic procedures. However, in 2016, she finally admitted to having a face lift. Speaking to Vanity Fair, she humorously compared the results of a laser treatment to the character Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, acknowledging the temporary effects it had on her appearance. Prior to her confession, Kidman had consistently maintained that she had not undergone any surgical enhancements.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Turbulent Relationship

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The marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took a dark turn when they filed for divorce in 2016. The separation was accompanied by allegations of physical abuse from both parties. Amber Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, while Depp claimed that Heard was making false accusations for financial gain. The legal battle between the two actors became highly publicized, with leaked videos, court hearings, and conflicting accounts contributing to the complexity of their relationship. The fallout from their divorce affected both their careers and public images.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders’ Affair

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Kristen Stewart, best known for her role in the “Twilight” series, found herself in the midst of a major scandal in 2012. Stewart, who was in a relationship with her “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson, was photographed in a compromising situation with director Rupert Sanders, who was married at the time. The images sparked widespread media coverage and public scrutiny. The affair led to the end of both Stewart’s relationship with Pattinson and Sanders’ marriage. The incident had a lasting impact on Stewart’s public image, and it took time for her to rebuild her reputation in the eyes of the public and the media.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker initially denied any involvement in the removal of her chin mole when she was photographed without it in 2008. Her publicist stated that nothing had been removed. However, two years later, she admitted that she had indeed had the mole removed by her plastic surgeon brother-in-law. She mentioned that she didn’t object to its removal but simply didn’t care for it. After a fan told her that the mole was her signature, she expressed regret over the decision and jokingly asked if it could be put back on.

The Nanny and Ben Affleck

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Over the years, Ben Affleck’s love relationships with Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, and Lopez again have received a lot of media attention. But a less popular woman was the one who started the rumors. Affleck and Garner made their breakup official in 2015. In the same year, rumors started to spread that Affleck had started dating their kids’ babysitter. At the time, Affleck vowed to sue over the charges, but he didn’t. Garner acknowledged the tryst in 2016, one year before the stars filed for divorce. Garner, on the other hand, stated the two had long since separated when she learned of the news.

The Infidelity of Dean Mcdermott 

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In 2006, Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling tied the knot after becoming friends while making the Lifetime movie “Mind Over Murder.” Numerous accusations against McDermott were made in 2013 when it was claimed that he had betrayed Spelling. “True Tori,” a Lifetime documentary series, covered McDermott’s infidelity. The pair remained together despite the accusations, with a trial separation announced in June 2022. The couple have five kids together.

The Black Book and Charlie Sheen

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The history of Charlie Sheen’s life is widely known. But most of it was speculative in the 1990s. A lady by the name of Heidi Fleiss was detained in Los Angeles in 1993 for running a ring of sexual workers while serving as a madam. Although Fleiss has often kept her client list under wraps, the actor Charlie Sheen from “Hot Shots!” was one name that surfaced early. This was because when Fleiss was arrested, a traveler’s check with Sheen’s name on it was discovered on her person. Sheen testified during Fleiss’s trial in 1995, stating that he had utilized her services more than 20 times.

Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid spent years denying rumors of having any cosmetic procedures done, including a nose job. However, in 2022, she admitted to having undergone a nose job at the age of 14. Bella expressed regret over the decision, stating that she wished she had maintained the natural nose she inherited from her ancestors. She revealed that part of her motivation for the procedure was feeling inferior to her older sister, Gigi, and the constant criticism she faced. Bella’s confession sparked criticism on social media, with some users questioning her parents’ decision to allow such a procedure at such a young age. Many felt that getting plastic surgery at 14, before fully developing her features, was concerning.

Relationship Between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

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Some actors fight to conceal a breakup, while others try to conceal a six-year romance in its entirety. This was the situation with Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, who allegedly dated from 2013 through 2019. In actuality, speculations about them started to circulate right away, but persistent denials prevented news reports from reporting it as truth. Even though Foxx and Holmes were often shown touching hands, they continued to refute the allegations. The public didn’t learn they had ever been together until after the couple broke up.

The Sexuality of Ellen Degeneres

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Although we’d like to believe that we’ve moved past sexual orientation speculation, this wasn’t the case in the 1990s. Ellen DeGeneres, who at the time was best known for her comedy of the same name, came out as a lesbian in 1997. News of the program she featured as a lesbian leaked, which had several media outlets wonder if DeGeneres was going to come out. Others, however, questioned whether the entire situation wasn’t just a ratings gimmick. But DeGeneres put the rumor to rest by really revealing her sexuality a few weeks before the program aired.

The Illegitimate Child of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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2011 marked the conclusion of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s term as governor of California. His romance with Maria Shriver also ended that year. The news that Schwarzenegger had a baby in 1997 with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena, led to their divorce, even though it wouldn’t be legally finalized for another 10 years. Schwarzenegger didn’t know this until the kid started developing his recognizable characteristics, at which time he began financially supporting the boy.

The Charges Against Kevin Spacey

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In retrospect, what began as a lighthearted cartoon comedy turned disturbingly shrewd. Vulgar accusations regarding actor Kevin Spacey’s sexuality and inner affairs reached the “Family Guy” writing room in the middle of the 2000s. Since then, several more people have made similar charges, essentially ending Spacey’s career and damaging his reputation.


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Although there are other Hollywood power couples, few have contributed as much to the 21st century as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pitt had been married to Jennifer Aniston of “Friends” fame from 2000 to 2005; however, after their divorce, rumors began to circulate regarding Pitt and Angelina Jolie, his “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star. The parties involved dismissed the rumors, but in 2008, after Brangelina had gained fame, they acknowledged that they had fallen in love while filming, although maintained that there had been no actual infidelity.

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

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Harvey Weinstein, a notorious Hollywood producer, was exposed in 2017 by The New York Times and The New Yorker, leading to numerous accusations of sexual assault. Despite being a dark joke, over a hundred women have come forward against Weinstein, leading to his arrest in 2018 and his subsequent sentence to 23 years in prison in 2020. 

Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos’ Split

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Anthony Ramos, a star known for his roles in “In the Heights” and “Hamilton,” was spotted with an unidentified woman at a club in 2021, despite being engaged to his co-star Jasmine Cephas Jones. This led to speculation that Ramos was cheating on Jones or the couple was no longer together. However, a follow-up story revealed that the couple had called it off sometime earlier.

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