From Privacy to Publicity: Celebrities Take Matters into Their Own Hands with DNA Testing

By Krystal Brown

Finding out your roots can be exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time. Many celebrities have taken the plunge to find out where they’re rooted from, and it gives some insightful information.

Mario Lopez

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Even though he knew that he had strong Spanish and Native American roots, he was a bit shocked when faced with the rest of his results. He had found out that he had quite large traces of British ancestry. 

Oprah Winfrey 

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In 2006, Oprah decided to have her DNA analysed, and what was revealed was that her DNA was found in the Kpelle people, which are found in either Guinea or Liberia. Oprah was thankful for the results and stated it was empowering as she learned new things about her family. 

Prince William 

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It was revealed during Prince Williams’ DNA testing that he is a direct descendant of an Indian woman. 

Snoop Dogg 

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Even though he thought that he was from Sub-Saharan Africa, Snoop actually found out that he had a lot of mixed origins, 71% Sub-Saharan Africa, 23% Native American, and 6% European. 

Steve and Liv Tyler 

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Not only do the father and daughter show keen interest for music, but they found out during their DNA testing that they are related to drummers from the 1812 Civil War, Robert and George Elliot. Music really is in their veins! 

Whoopi Goldberg 

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Since Whoopi found out that she was a descendant of Sub-Saharan natives, she has been trying to push citizenship from her ancestral country. 

Tyra Banks

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As someone who had always considered herself as an African American, whilst doing her DNA testing, the results showed that she is actually 85% African and 14% British. 

Anthony Anderson 

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Anthony was on a mission to find out his true ancestry, and Anthony stated that his purpose in life has been validated. He found out that he has direct ancestry from Africa, and the results showed that his ancestors were from Tikar in Cameroon, and Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea. 

Ellen Degeneres 

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Ellen couldn’t believe that she is related to the royal family in more ways than one, following the results of her ancestry exam. Ellen is the 15th cousin to Kate Middleton, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 19th cousin. 

Eva Longoria 

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Even though Eva has been known as Latina and has shown off her Mexican and Native American cultures, her DNA testing was shocking for her to find out that she is actually 70% European and only 27% Asian origins. 

Larry David 

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Larry took a DNA test for a television program Lopez tonight, and he discovered what he already knew; that he wasn’t solely descended from European Jewish ancestors. However, he was happy and surprised to find that he is actually 37% Native American. 

George Clooney 

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Actor, director, humanitarian and philanthropist, George Clooney, took a DNA ancestry journey and found out that he is actually distantly related to one of America’s admired presidents – Abraham Lincoln! 

Andy Samberg 

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Comedian, Musician and Actor Andy Samberg wanted to track down old relatives by using genetic testing. This was because his mother knew she was adopted but didn’t have any luck in finding out any further information. Andy was able to find out that his biological grandmother and grandfather were Jewish-American and Sicilian-American. 

Lea Michele 

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The actress from Glee wanted to find her origins through DNA testing. She has been quite connected to her identity on her mother’s side, which is thought to be Italian-American, but she was unsure about her father’s side. Lea identified that half of her genealogy was Sephardi-Jewish. 

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