12 Celebrities Who Swore Up And Down They Didn’t Get Plastic Surgery — Then Revealed The Truth!

By Krystal Brown

Celebrities and plastic surgery go together like milk and honey, with many celebrities even getting addicted to surgical enhancements. But here are 12 who initially lied about their cosmetic interventions.

Bella Hadid

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The model denied getting a nose job, however, in 2022 she admitted to getting a rhinoplasty when she was just 14 years old. She claimed it was because she felt like she was the ugly sister and could not measure up to her older sister, Gigi. The public was largely empathetic as a child should never have to feel that way. The model now states that she wishes that she “had kept the nose of her ancestors”.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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The ‘Sex and the City’ star denied having her iconic mole removed (Did she really think that we wouldn’t notice?). She eventually admitted that it was removed by her cosmetic surgeon brother-in-law. However, she promptly regretted it after a fan told her that it was her ‘signature’. People need to realize its our little quirks that make us special!

Kylie Jenner

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We all remember the ‘Coke bottle’ challenge where teenagers all over the world tried to replicate the reality star’s iconic lips. She even created an entire brand around her iconic feature, only for her fans to discover that it was all a lie. She eventually admitted to getting work done when she was 17. Her mother, Kris Jenner, also added to commentary by stating that she was concerned that Kylie felt the need to change herself at such a young age. She was a teenager when this happened so perhaps, we can be a bit forgiving.

Tyra Banks

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As someone who built her entire profession on critiquing others and condemning models who have gotten plastic surgery, it makes sense why her fans were outraged. She recently admitted to combining rhinoplasty with a medical procedure and people were less than impressed,especially due to her abrasive nature.

Khloe Kardashian

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The ‘Revenge Body’ alum lied by omission and claimed that no one asked her about surgical procedures. She has since opened up about her rhinoplasty but has denied getting Botox or any other procedures. However, with her lying once, it’s hard to believe her!

Scheana Shay

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The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star was under fire when fans noticed that she looked slightly different than previous seasons. The star fired back by stating that she ‘had lost weight and her face is thinner’. She later clarified that she has been getting Botox since 2011 and lip fillers for two years.

Victoria Beckham

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I know that we are all currently obsessed with the infamous Spice Girl after the release of the Beckham documentary, however, let’s not forget that she spent 10 years denying that she had gotten a boob job. She later admitted it in a ‘letter to her younger self’ published in British Vogue. With a woman as beautiful as her, it’s sad that she ever felt the need to get such a procedure.

Cindy Crawford

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She had the whole world convinced that a DIY face scrub comprising coffee grounds and olive oil was responsible for her youthful looks. She later admitted that she started getting Botox injections just before she turned 30.

Lady Gaga

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The Grammy award-winning singer was not born this way. After vehemently denying rumors about getting work done, she later confessed that she was obsessed with getting facial injections. However, according to her, this does not qualify as actually getting work done and states that it only happened when she was addicted to smoking ‘pot’.

Rose McGowan

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The Charmed star attributed her new looks to a car accident, which falsely garnered the sympathy of fans. In her 2018 book, Brave, she revealed that surgery to fix her sinus issues resulted in her needing reconstructive surgery. The actress’s publicist advised her to blame the botched surgery on a car accident.

Kim Kardashian

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Well, there is no surprise that another Kardashian is featured on this list. While fans have speculated about Kim’s looks since the season 1 premiere of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, the star has only admitted to receiving “a little bit of Botox”. This has enraged fans as it has been incredibly obvious that the reality star has had more work done.

Ashlee Simpson

Editorial credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

The beautiful singer and actress preached about the importance of loving your body the way it is in an issue of Marie Claire. It was later revealed that around the same time the issue hit the newsstands, Ashlee got a secret nose job. Marie Claire was criticized for not doing their research properly and received tons of hate mail (Yikes!). Her father set the record straight on US Weekly by stating that she had only done the procedure to fix her breathing problems.

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