Viva Las Vegas Love: Celebrity Couples Say “I Do” in Sin City

By Krystal Brown

Within the glamorous domain of celebrity romance, Las Vegas has borne witness to a plethora of iconic unions, with A-list couples wholeheartedly embracing the allure and glitz of Sin City’s charming wedding chapels.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

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On July 17, 2022, Jennifer Lopez surprised her fans with a special edition of her On The JLo email, revealing that she had tied the knot with Ben Affleck. The couple exchanged their vows at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas just before midnight, joining four other couples who were also embarking on their journey to the wedding capital of the world. With their own heartfelt vows and exchanged rings, Lopez and Affleck celebrated their love in a memorable ceremony, complete with a Bluetooth speaker for the short walk down the aisle. This wedding was a long-awaited dream come true for the couple, finally made official in the eyes of the state, Las Vegas, a pink convertible, and each other.

Bruce Willis & Demi Moore

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After a whirlwind three-month courtship, the actors decided to take a leap of faith and exchanged vows at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Their spontaneous decision resulted in a 13-year marriage filled with love, commitment, and the joy of raising three daughters together. However, in 2000, they made the difficult choice to end their marriage. Though their romantic journey may have reached its conclusion, the enduring bond they share as parents and friends continues to shape their lives positively.

David Harbour & Lily Allen

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According to court records confirmed by PEOPLE, singer Lily Allen and actor David Harbour exchanged vows in a Las Vegas wedding on September 7, 2020. Both celebrities shared photos from the intimate ceremony, which featured an Elvis Presley impersonator as the officiant and a post-wedding meal consisting of In-N-Out burgers. Harbour humorously captioned his post, describing the wedding as a union between the “people’s princess” and a “devoted, low born, but kind credit card holder,” set against the backdrop of a burning state and a global pandemic. Following the ceremony, a small reception was held where refreshments were served. 

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

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After a blissful year of dating, the couple decided to take their love to the next level by eloping in the vibrant city of Las Vegas in 1996. From that moment forward, their bond has remained unbreakable, and they have celebrated their enduring love for an impressive number of years.

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman

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In a whirlwind turn of events, following an eventful all-night bender, the couple impulsively decided to get married in Las Vegas in 1999. However, their union was short-lived, as they filed for divorce merely six months later. The former basketball player claimed that he was “of unsound mind” at the time he recited his vows, indicating that the decision to marry was made under the influence of their wild night.

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon

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In a surprising twist, Anderson took a leap of faith and married her longtime friend at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas in 2007. However, their marital bliss was short-lived as the actress filed for divorce a mere two months later. Despite this initial setback, the couple found themselves drawn to each other once again, leading them to tie the knot for the second time in 2014. Regrettably, history repeated itself, and their relationship faced another hurdle as they decided to part ways once more after just one year.

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

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In a surprising turn of events, following the Grammy Awards on April 3, 2022, it was confirmed by PEOPLE thatKourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker said their vows in Las Vegas.. Wanting to ensure the chapel was open, they arrived unexpectedly, requesting Elvis Presley as the officiant. Marty Frierson, the owner of One Love Wedding Chapel, shared that the ceremony lasted around 30 minutes, with no video recording allowed. While it remains uncertain if they obtained a marriage licence before the ceremony, the couple expressed their love and had a lot of fun, tossing the bouquet in the driveway and dancing to Elvis. Following this impromptu wedding, Kardashian and Barker later celebrated their union once again with a lavish multi-day event in Italy, surrounded by their loved ones.

Cindy Crawford & Richard Gere

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In 1991, the couple took the plunge and exchanged vows in a Vegas wedding, but their marriage faced challenges that eventually led to their separation four years later. Reflecting on their relationship, Crawford candidly expressed that the lack of quality time spent together was a significant factor in their decision to part ways. Both parties recognized their shared responsibility in not prioritising their time together, often relying on brief meetings when traveling from Paris to Los Angeles to sustain their connection

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton

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In 2000, one of Hollywood’s most notorious couples decided to tie the knot in Las Vegas, despite having only dated for a short period of time. However, their marriage lasted a mere three years, and in 2018, Thornton shed some light on the reason behind their separation. Speaking on the HFPA in Conversation podcast, Thornton humorously explained that their divergent lifestyles played a significant role in their parting. While his own lifestyle was characterized by a preference for staying indoors due to agoraphobia, his partner’s was a jet-setting, global existence. With a touch of laughter, Thornton mused that this difference in lifestyle choices might be the primary reason why they are not still together.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

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Following the 2019 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas on May 1, the stars left everyone astonished by spontaneously exchanging their vows at Chapel L’Amour, situated within A Little White Wedding Chapel. The singer’s brothers were present to witness the event, with an Elvis impersonator officiating the ceremony. Adding to the surprise, the entire affair was shared with the world through Diplo’s Instagram Live, creating a buzz among fans. While the Vegas wedding captured the essence of spontaneity and excitement, the couple later opted for a more elaborate celebration. Just a month after their impromptu Vegas nuptials, they hosted a grand ceremony at a picturesque chateau in France.

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