Caught in the Act: Woman Catches Boyfriend ‘Cheating’ on Google Street View

By Emma Williams

A savvy Brazilian woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend by using Google Street View. Juliana Lima, from Ceará, told her story on TikTok, and the post rapidly clocked up over nine million views.

The Woman Noticed the Google Street View Car

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Noticing the Google Street Car taking photographs as it went past her house, Lima was intrigued to see what route the car took. Google Street View cars have taken billions of photos of streets and public places all over the world. These photos are used to create Google Maps’ Street View service, which allows users to virtually explore different places. Street View is also used in other Google products, such as Google Earth and Google Search.

The Woman Was Surprised to See Her Boyfriend

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Looking through the images on Google Street View, the woman was surprised to see an image of her boyfriend on his motorbike. Even more surprisingly, the man was not alone, and the woman said, “The person on the back didn’t look like me so I followed them.” Searching along the streets surrounding the area for more clues, the woman eventually lost sight of her boyfriend.

She Was Determined to Find Him Again

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Undeterred, the woman began to search nearby streets, and her effort paid off when she noticed a side street that he used to use when the couple first got together. She reminisced, “We always visited that little square.” She went on to say, “At that point, I thought I was just being paranoid in my head that it couldn’t be him.”

It Became Apparent Who the Woman Was

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Lima explained to TikTok viewers that the penny started to drop with what was happening when she saw the woman resting her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder and recognized that it was her best friend. Instantly, Lima was “ devastated.”

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Many viewers were shocked at how the story unraveled, with one comment saying “ “Google saving lives.” Another surprised reader said, “FBI, no, Google Maps.” There was, as expected, a lot of support for the woman as many sympathized with their own tails of how cheating boyfriends were caught out. While many people were amazed by the woman’s detective skills, one woman said that she did her own sleuthing via Google. The woman said, “My children’s father didn’t pay child support, and he disappeared, so I found out where he was on Google Maps and I went there.”

People Shared Their Stories

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Other viewers shared their stories of Google Street View, with one person saying, “Google Street View caught a drug deal going down a block away from the apartment building where I grew up.” In a spooky turn of events, another viewer said, “I did happen upon a street view once that showed a woman’s mother walking around in her front yard; the problem is, her mother had been deceased for some time.”

The Woman Was Praised

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One TikToker was suitably impressed by the woman and joked, “I’m starting to think she was driving the Google car.” One reader was pleased that the woman discovered her cheating boyfriend when they said, “She should be thankful that she found out before she married the creep. Let the girlfriend have him. They deserve each other , and he’s no prize.”

People Had a Lot to Say about Her Boyfriend

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Many other people pointed out how lucky the woman was to rid herself of a toxic boyfriend, and many could not believe how dumb her boyfriend was. One person said, “So the basic idea of this woman’s story is plausible, though I’m not sure why her boyfriend would give a ride with the woman he was cheating with,past his girlfriend’s house. He was just stupid, I suppose.”

There Were Lots of Questions

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Despite some support for the woman, some people questioned her story. One person said, “That Google Maps vehicle did not follow them. There’s something wrong here. It gives street positions, but not with that precision.” Another said “ “It’s very unlucky for a guy to get caught by a Google car that passes once a year.” Doubters were left with clear images of a man and a woman in the TikTok video, but whether the couple were indeed the poster’s boyfriend and best friend was left open to debate.

The Technology Dilemma

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On the one hand, it is amazing that we have access to such a vast and detailed map of the world. We can use Google Maps to find our way around new places, explore different cultures, and even track our own movements. On the other hand, technology can also be used to invade people’s privacy and to cheat on their partners. In this case, the woman’s boyfriend was using Google Maps to meet up with her best friend and cheat on her.

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