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Did you know that Pinterest draws in over 130 MILLION users per month? 

Not only is it a totally FREE platform but it’s a business-changing one as well. 

Can you imagine how your life could be changed if you could capture even just 1% of that traffic?

And the secret to breaking into Pinterest and making it big? Brand new, fresh pins each and every day. 

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Have you ever tried to make your own pins? Did you know that there are over 100 fonts to choose from and each one is made to catch the eye of a different type of Pinterest scroller?

It’s maddening to even think about, really.

And don’t even get me started on how long it takes to make one pin. You can easily spend 10-30 minutes PER PIN trying to get that perfect layout, style, and design. 

If you’re trying to pin 5 new pins a day to grow your blog and increase your traffic, that’s potentially 3 hours of just creating new pins EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

WOW! I was blown away at the sheer number of stunning Canva templates from Mama of Five. I've purchased a lot of Canva templates in the past and this is the first time I've seen so many beautiful templates that I will actually use to promote my blog and digital products. The fonts, layouts and colors are gorgeous. I love the variety and how I can use different pin templates depending on the type of post I'm writing. The gift guide templates are perfect for the holidays! These templates are going to save me SO much time. Highly recommended!
These pin templates are fantastic! Thanks so much! I love how they're organized by groups, so it's easy to pick the style I need based on the type of post I am writing. I have a recipe blog and a parenting blog, so it's really nice to have this variety of templates for quick pins. I am able to crank out 10-15 new pins in 10 minutes and they're a whole lot more creative than the pins I was creating on my own. This is super helpful now that Pinterest wants new pins all the time. The Call the Action and the Food Blogger pins are the ones I see myself using the most!

do you have time for that? no one does!

This is why my pin package can help.

For one low price, you get 320 pin templates (yes, 320!) that are already done for you. This means that you just plug in your image, change out the template wording, and that’s it. 

No designing, no formatting, no stressing. Just fresh new pins done in less than 60 seconds of time. 

In what used to take you 3 HOURS, can take you just 3 MINUTES. 

Your time is valuable so why would you waste it spinning your wheels? 

I’ve literally done all the work for you. I’ve created templates for all types of needs.

You’ll find pin templates for food, travel, lifestyle, gift guides, and more.2

These Pinterest templates are a lifesaver. I was spending HOURS trying to format and make my own pins before...And now? Literally minutes. I'm able to create 10 pins in less than 10 minutes of time. It's literally been a game-changer for me and my blog. I no longer dread making pins because using these templates makes it so simple and easy. Not only that, but my overall traffic has increased as well. These templates look amazing AND they convert well, too. Having over 300 templates in one bundle makes my branding stay similar and on point, too. This is SOOOO worth the price!
If there's one thing I've learned after seven years of blogging, it's that creating the perfect pin for Pinterest takes a ton of time. These templates take away the pressure and stress of finding the perfect layouts for your next post. Each set of templates is theme based, so you can find exactly what you're looking for in a minutes notice. I am so excited to use these different templates for my upcoming articles. Thank you Nina for creating something so user friendly!
These Pinterest templates are a total game-changer for anyone who wants to keep up with creating fresh new pins regularly. It's so simple to switch out the templates for my own brand colors and fonts and I can create bulk pins in under an hour. I also love that there are templates to suit different niches, so they work great for both my parenting and travel websites. Canva is by far one of the easiest ways to create graphics and using these templates will make it an efficient task, with pins that will stand out in the sea of images! Love them!

How would you feel if you could streamline your Pinterest strategy with these easy-to-customize bundle of over 300 pin templates. Making fresh pins has never been easier.


This means that you literally change a few things and that’s it. You upload to Pinterest and watch the traffic start to increase with minimal effort on your part. 

If you’re ready to have more time on your hands with MORE RESULTS from Pinterest, it’s time to use the templates to give you that freedom.

One low price gives you 300 Pinterest templates that are 100% yours to tweak, edit, or use as is. 

If Pinterest wants you to play by their rules, these templates are the EASIEST way to do just that! 

For the past 2 years, I have paid well known VAs and seen little return for my investment. The last VA I had charged me $375 to pin 10 fresh pins a month and to repin to multiple boards the same pins over and over. Even with this VA views were plummeting and I had to take matters into my own hands. This is when I found these pins. With over 300 pins to choose from it takes me minutes to create 10 fresh pins a day. I have been manually pinning to only a few boards and have seen a massive improvement in my click-throughs. What I know now is that Pinterest loves consistency and with these pins, it takes no time at all. For a fraction of the price that VAs are charging this is an investment that you can really benefit from. I am now consistently getting over 100k views a month. Pinning consistent fresh pins has been the key to my success.

What's Included

With theses easy to use templates, you’re going to have everything you need to create beautiful pins that CONVERT in less than half the time.

Confidently drive traffic to blog posts, opt-in pages, sales pages and more!

  • 320 fully editable Canva Pinterest Templates professional high converting Pin designs
  • A range of designs, from gift guides, long pins, opt in and pins for your blogs


  • 50 Instagram post templates
  • 10 video animation pins
  • 11 course layouts, showcase your course, printable or opt in.

Refund Policy: Because this is a digital product and everything is immediately accessible, no refunds will be provided.

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