Did You Really Dump Him for That? 15 Petty Breakup Excuses 

By Nina Roman

There are many valid reasons why people break up, but we look at 15 of the pettiest reasons people break up with someone. 

Not Knowing How to Make Scrambled Eggs

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One online user told people they had a friend who broke up with his girlfriend because she could not cook scrambled eggs. It wasn’t the only reason this friend ended it; the poster said, “His friend and his girlfriend were making hot chocolate in a pot, and she was moving it from the pot to her mug with a small spoon. One spoonful at a time.” If they aren’t reasons to call it quits, we don’t know what is?!

Singing the Beatles

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Another person told the story of an ex-girlfriend ending things with someone else because he sang The Beatles’s “Drive My Car,” he added an extra “beep-beep m.” We are not sure if she had an issue with The Beatles themselves or just disagreed with messing with a song.

Having the Same Name as My Sister

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“I liked her and tried, but I just couldn’t do it “ were the words of one man who couldn’t get over calling his girlfriend the same name as his sister. Many people agreed, with one saying, “So funny that this bothers you. I mean, it should bother you. I’d be grossed out if I dated someone with my brother’s name.”

Not Having Curtains

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One shy person said of her boyfriend, “He lived on a busy street. His bedroom had two large windows that faced the street, and he had no curtains.” Another person thought they were hilarious when they responded, “Dude wasn’t shady enough.”

Not Being Able to Make Tea

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Many people break up for food and drink-related issues, with one person dumping their partner because they could not make tea. He said, “When making tea, she didn’t stir it but clanked the spoon noisily against each side of the cup repeatedly.”

The Toll Price Increased

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A brave man confessed to dumping his girlfriend because the toll he had to pay when he visited her increased by 75 cents, which wasn’t worth it. He said, “I’m already commuting, paying for gas, missing my TV show, and adding miles to my lease.”

Having Dentures

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A sister confessed that her brother broke up with his girlfriend because she had dentures and didn’t tell him. She said her brother “painted her as being dishonest” but did not buy any of his words. 

Natural Aroma

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On a drunken night out, one person said he lay down with a girl he had been seeing, and she smelled horrible. Her “natural aroma” was a mixture of drugs and sweaty feet. He said, “We weren’t a great match anyway, but the smell made the choice easy.”

Eating Popcorn

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Many friends joined the online thread to tell on their friends, including one with another petty excuse that involved food. This person said his friend broke up with his girlfriend because “she chewed popcorn too loudly during movies.”

Blinking Slowly

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Another person was sincere, saying, “The guy I was with kept sighing when he didn’t know what to say. Also, he blinked slowly.” She said it “drove her mad,” and many people agreed that people who make too much noise are lucky to get a second date. 

Having a Sweaty Forehead

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“She had a permanently sweaty forehead, and I didn’t like her accent.” Were the honest words that came out of one person’s mouth. He explained, “Tiny droplets, slowly making their way down her forehead even when she was just sitting on the couch.”

Pretending She Was a Pink Floyd Fan

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One angry music lover said he dumped a girlfriend who claimed to be a huge Pink Floyd fan. Initially, the man was pleased until “Later, she didn’t recognize Pink Floyd on the radio.” We wonder if it was the lies or that she didn’t like his favorite band.

Not Wanting to Buy a Gift

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A cheeky boyfriend once broke things off with a girl he was seeing because it was near Christmas, and he did not want to buy a gift. This admission gained a lot of negativity, but another man admitted to ending things with his girlfriend earlier than intended: “I couldn’t stand her smell for any longer, and there was no point in putting money into somebody you wouldn’t see anymore.”

She Liked Disco

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One man talked of his regret at dumping a girl he liked because she liked to disco, only to have a substantial turnaround years later. The man said, “I couldn’t stand disco. She played it all the time. Turns out it was a very passing fad for her, and now I like disco.”

Doing Everything You Ask

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Many people would love their partner to do anything they say, but not one man said that things got boring when his girlfriend did everything he asked. He says, “It was like dating a servant” and wanted a woman who stood up for herself. 

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