BOOMERS Unleashed: Defying 10 STEREOTYPES with Ageless Attitude and Awesomeness

By Krystal Brown

Take a note of these 10 Boomer stereotypes that we need to immediately stop believing because they simply are not true! 

Boomers Cannot use Tech

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These days, Boomers are just as tech-savvy as Gen Z as they embrace the modern world and put their attention to detail into learning new skills and competing with younger generations. Granted, your mom may not be able to navigate Snapchat but when it comes to business tech, Boomers continue to develop their skills and now head up some of the most prolific IT industries in the US. 

Boomers Are Inactive

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If you look at stock images of Boomers you are likely to find them sitting on the sofa or with a walking stick in hand but that is not the reality for many. Of course, as Boomers age they will slow down a little but plenty understand the importance of their physical well-being and can be seen swimming, golfing, and hiking alongside their younger generations. 

Boomers Are Stubborn

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Boomers are often misunderstood as being stuck in their ways but as they reach retirement age they are keen to try out new skills to keep them entertained. As well as taking top new hobbies, Boomers like to be adventurous in their travels as they visit countries that they have never been to before, often being bold enough to move to a new area completely. 

Boomers Are Desperate to Retire

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Retirement is on the cards for most Boomers, if they have not returned already, but that does not mean that every Boomer cannot wait to finish work. For many Boomers, slowing things down by working fewer days and hours is more of a career goal than retiring at 60. Sometimes, not wanting to retire is for financial reasons but even those with a good pension wish to work longer to keep them active and involved in a busy lifestyle. 

Boomers Dislike Younger Generations

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With memes indicating that Boomers hate Gen Z and constant stereotypes of old people cursing young people for having fun, it can be easy to think that Boomers just don’t like younger people. This assumption would be very wrong as many Boomers are young at heart and can be just as much fun as young people. Boomers love to see how younger people navigate their world and show pride in their children and grandchildren, despite the off moan now and again. 

Boomers Are Not Progressive

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There is the perception that Boomers are stuck in their ways and are not socially progressive but this is not true of all people. Often Boomers are champions of diversity and inclusion, often living a more authentic life as they get older and leave behind the expectations that they had from their parents. 

Boomers Are Rich

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Not all Boomers have a large house and a strong pension for when they retire and many are in as much financial distress as younger generations. Many Boomers come from low-income backgrounds and have fought all of their lives to try and get on the property ladder. Sure, there are a lot of comfortable Boomers who like to rub the noses of younger generations but we should not tar everyone with the same brush. 

Boomers Don’t Care About The Environment 

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It is clear that younger generations are most active when it comes to fighting climate change and improving the environment but many Boomers are on board too. While they may not shout about their activism on social media, Boomers are active in their communities and are eager to reduce their carbon footprints despite the notion that they fly around the world burning fuel wherever they go. Take a look at any climate change march and for very Greta Thunberg there is a Boomer by her side. 

Boomers Are Unhealthy

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Gone are the days of cooking breakfasts every morning and having dessert after every meal. Boomers are keen to look after their health and embrace healthier diets and active lifestyles. Whether it be daily walks with their friends or healthy eating classes, Boomers are doing their bit to improve their lifestyle as they age. 

Boomer Have No Fashion Sense

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You may hate the way your mom and dad dress or think your grandparents are stuck in the 40s but a lot of Boomers know how to dress creatively and like to keep up with the latest trends. A style will change as we grow older but a lot of old people embrace change and like to keep things fresh. As long as they do not start asking to wear your clothes or wear something that would look too young on a 20-year-old then there is no issue with what the Boomer in your life wears. 

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