Eye-Rolling Boomer Phrases That Make Millennials Cringe with Frustration

By Aaron Stone

Millennials, get ready to roll your eyes! Here are some Boomer sayings that you can’t stand anymore.

We Didn’t Need All These Gadgets

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Boomers sometimes dismiss millennials’ reliance on technology as unnecessary or frivolous. They may imply that the younger generation is spoiled by modern conveniences, overlooking the practicality and benefits of technological advancements.

Why Do You Need to Travel So Much?

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Millennials often prioritize experiences and travel, valuing exposure to different cultures and perspectives. Boomers may not understand this passion for exploration, viewing it as a lack of stability or commitment to one location.

Why Don’t You Get a Real Job 

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The ever-increasing world of remote work has been like magic in the face of boomers who see occupations like freelancing, creative field and others as unnatural compared to traditional 9-5 jobs like law, engineering, medicine and others. Most of the boomers have this ageist conviction that millennials who do not work 9-5 have less chance of success; therefore, they need to get a real job. Millennials see this statement as condescending and outdated because of their latest understanding of the meaning of a legitimate and worthwhile job that perfectly fits their generation. Lastly, millennials idea of a “real job” differs from the ageist idea of a “real job” that boomers are used to in their generation. 

You’re So Addicted to Your Mobile Phones

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Boomers see this as an addiction and enslavement to a mere gadget. Still, in the face of millennials, the phone is a vital part of the new order, which brings about a rapid connection with their friends, a means of keeping in touch with tasks and managing workloads and other productive activities. The thin line between the world of boomers and millennials has seen this phrase as stereotypical in the ears of millennials, sounding like another annoying phrase that millennials can’t stand to hear from boomers. 

You Are Not Experienced Enough to Have an Opinion 

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Millennials believe that age is not a determinant of how experienced someone can be. They hold this view in light of the constant dismissal of their life experience by boomers who believed that millennials are not experienced enough to have an opinion about most issues. This opinion can be demeaning and, at the same time annoying for millennials who believe they’ve seen enough and have several information and resources at their fingertips that form the core of their unique view of the world that can rival that of boomers. 

You Spend Excessively on Avocado Toast

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Avocado toast has a mix of buttery and savory tastes that helps to improve poor cholesterol levels. There is no gainsaying that avocado toast has become a form of snack for the millennials that prize it as their go-to breakfast regardless of its high price. Boomers see daily spending of $6.98 on avocado toast as frivolities and have attached this spending to the dwindling finances of the millennials without regard for other economic realities. 

Why Don’t You Specialise in One Job? 

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The wholesome change in the current world of work has necessitated the need to be well-versed in various fields. The gig economy is a foreign concept for the boomers who see this as a waste of time and misunderstand it as a jack of all trade master of none. Over the years, people have taken it in their stride to switch careers to level up with the economic reality; this trend is more profound among the millennials, who understand the need for multiple side hustles to augment their main job. The idea of specialization in one job is an outdated and annoying phrase that millennials can’t stand to hear from boomers. 

Why Don’t You Call More?  

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Social media, email, and other high-tech communication mediums have relegated the idea of calling. It’s becoming burdensome among most millennials to pick up the phone and place a call because most see this as an ageist and outdated means of communication. The saying “Why don’t you call more” can be termed as a guilt-inducing statement portraying millennials as those who do not get in touch with their family and loved ones. In reality, the generational division brought about the annoying convictions by the boomers. 

You Are Too Reliant on Technology

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The mass adoption and reliance on technology among millennials have been likened to laziness and detachment from reality when in the factual sense being tech-reliant is a positive thing that speeds up their productivity and helps them stay informed. The dismissive nature of this phrase from boomers has triggered mass resentment among the millennials, who see it as being judgemental and having a lame perspective of technology. 

We Had the Better Music in My Time

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Music is universal, but each era’s unique musical style perfectly fits their experience. The superiority game boomers play in the musical realm tries to invalidate the millennial experience, which is a bad precedent for the musical style of this era. Millennials view this verdict from boomers as invalid and annoying that they can’t stand from the boomers.

Social Media is a Relationship Killer 

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Millennials have made the most of social media positively, to the extent of developing digital connections with people of diverse backgrounds without meeting physically. This is not the idea of boomers who see social media as a divisive tool that act as the breaker of relationship with friends and family due to exposure of the millennials to the space. The invalidation opinion of boomers about social media is borne out of their ageist views that social media is just a video and picture-sharing platform without regard for social media’s communication and connection utility. 

You’ll Understand Better When You Get Old 

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The saying that millennials will understand better when they are older is borderline annoying and ridiculous because it disregards their thought process and experience. This phrase shows that boomers are trying to gatekeep knowledge and place millennials in the children category that need to be spoonfed with what to do. In this case, millennials have seen this phrase as an annoying one that they can’t stand to hear from the boomers.