10 Big Lies About Love You Need to Stop Believing

By Krystal Brown

Love possesses the power to enthrall, ignite passions, and exhilarate. Whether witnessed in cinematic tales or devoured through literature’s pages, it often evokes teary-eyed yearning for a world of enchantment. Yet, within our consciousness, certain romantic notions become ingrained, fostering unwavering expectations. Presented below are substantial misconceptions about love that warrant relinquishing.

Couples Can Work Through Anything 

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As much as we love to think that when we find our love, we can get through anything together, it just doesn’t always work like that. You spend a lot of time with your partner, and sometimes, there are disagreements that just can’t be worked through. Some people can fall out of love just as easily as they fall into it. 

Once You’re in It, It’s Happily Ever After

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When you first meet someone, you like to believe that you’ll be together forever, and the thought of losing them makes you feel sick. We also know that every single love story ends with a “happily ever after.” Relationships are constant work, it never ends. You always have to work together and communicate. Sometimes, this doesn’t work, and happily ever after don’t exist with that person. 

Quick Flames 

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Despite what you see in the movies, or whether the older couple down the road fell in love on day one, moved in with each other within a week and were married in 6 months, building a true and meaningful friendship before allowing that to grow into a relationship is much better. If you can get along as friends, then you are likely to get along as partners, whereas if you move too fast, then you won’t have time to actually know if it would work when dynamics change. 

Grand Romantic Gestures is the Best Way to Win Someone Over

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We can’t lie. Women like to receive gifts, but it isn’t about making grand and public romantic gestures. This is not real life. Gifts that are subtle and meaningful will definitely make us happier. It also means that the humiliation of being on the receiving end of a gesture that someone isn’t happy to be a part of, is avoided. 

You Need Love to Be Happy 

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If you spend your life thinking that you need to be in a relationship and in love to be happy, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. It is your life, and you are entitled to feel happy without the need to rely on someone else to make you feel as if they’re the only reason for your happiness. You should ‘date yourself’ first and spend some quality time with yourself before allowing someone close enough to love you, too. 

It’s Okay to Be a Stalker if You’re Hot Enough

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Let’s get one thing straight. It is never okay to be a stalker, but we do understand that some books and movies portray this, but it’s only acceptable behaviour if you’re a hot, rich guy. One person on Reddit jokes, “I didn’t get your address when we randomly met in the Starbucks, so I had my security team run your fingerprints, and I found your apartment!” 

Love is All That Matters

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Even though falling in love, and the idea of it, is a great experience, life doesn’t revolve around love and love only. There are so many more aspects to life. Love isn’t going to pay the bills, or earn you enough money to travel where you want to travel. Working hard and being good and punctual in your job, will. 

All Men Want is Intimacy, and All Women Want is Emotional Support

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Believe it or not, some women love intimacy just as much as men, and some men need as much emotional support as women. This thought makes women think that if they have a high need for intimacy, then men will fall in love with them, and then this can lead to all forms of complications if it isn’t true.

Unrequited Love Can Become Requited if You Try Hard Enough 

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There is a constant pursuit that if someone says ‘no’ more than ‘yes’, they are not romantic and are boring instead. This is wrong and is never appreciated. 

Mere Proximity Necessarily Fosters Romantic Attraction 

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Someone said, “Best friends for life will fall in love at the end. Coworkers who never hang out outside of work will fall in love in the end. A captive who spends the entire runtime in a cage eating wet dog food will fall in love with their captor as long as their captor stays just a few inches on the other side of the bars.” 

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