The Betrayed Celebrities: Inside Stories from Their Household Staff

By Sarah Johnson

Celebrities who were called out by their nannies, assistants, housekeepers and other staff We all think that working for a celebrity would be amazing, and we all envy those that get to live that life. However, it isn’t all incredible. There are some people who have been staff for certain celebrities and it’s turned sour.

Naomi Campbell

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There have been several former employees of Naomi that have gone as far as to sue her. The allegations from these employees include, hitting a maid who couldn’t find the jeans she wante with her rhinestone-encrusted cell phone, throwing her phone at two different assistants, slapping a maid in the face and hitting another with her Blackberry. She was arrested in 2007 for hitting and head-butting an ex-assistant and she was seen wearing a t-shirt that said, “Naomi hit me, and I loved it.”


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Believe it or not, the well loved singer was recently sued by three former dancers. The allegations were about sexual harrassment and the creation of an awkward and hostile work environment. There were also claims that she weight-shamed them and pressured them into interacting with performers at an Amsterdam strip.

Courtney Love

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There was an apparent breach of contract, unpaid wages and wrongful termination from Courtney Love to ex-assistant and “forensic research aide” Jessica Labrie. Jessica sued Courtney in 2012 and she alleged that Courtney didn’t deliver on her promises, failed to compensate her for overtime, didn’t give her the full-ride scholarship to Yale and asked her to do unethical things such as faking legal documents and hiring a hacker.

Christian Bale

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Harrison Cheung, Christian Bale’s ex-publicist wrote in his book, Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman, “It only took me five years of therapy to get past my Bale years. My therapist would describe my condition as post-traumatic stress disorder.” Harrison also said that Christian tried to make him sign an NDA before he was paid, but Harrison refused.


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Brandy had a former housekeeper and in 2022, Maria Elizabeth Castaneda sued her for $250,000. This is because Maria stated that Brandy wrongfully fired her for her age and also withheld payment for the work that she had completed, it is also said that Brandy violated Maria’s state labour laws. The case was settled for $40,000.

Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone’s ex-housekeeper sued her for illegally firing her after an injury carrying back the actress’s groceries. Housekeeper Angelica Castillo said that Sharon refused to look at doctors notes and called her “stupid” and “crazy” for working so slow due to the injury. This was in 2013, but in 2012, she was also sued by a former nanny for belittling her over her ethnicity, and also violating her labour laws.

Victoria Principal

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Former housekeeper Maribel Banegas stated that Victoria pulled a gun on her in 2008. A year later they both sued each other. Victoria stated that the altercation took place after the housekeeper arrived in a bad mood.

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga had an ex-assistant called Jennifer O’Neill who sued her for not paying her overtime. There was a revelation in legal documents that stated she would often share the singer’s hotel beds on tour because she needed to attend to Lady Gaga’s needs all through the night. It was taken to court because Jennifer also stated that she would have to get up at all times in the night to change Lady Gaga’s DVDs. The judge ruled in her favour and stated she was owed the overtime.

Mariah Carey

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Mariah was sued in 2018 by her former nanny Maria Burgues who stated that she was fired over issuing complaints that regarded her working conditions and pay. She also alleged that her travel time wasn’t compensated when looking after the children. In 2015, Mariah also settled a lawsuit with another ex-nanny who stated she wasn’t paid overtime, despite the fact that she was on 24/7 call and working 100-hour weeks.

Kim Kardashian

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A former employee who has decided to remain anonymous, stated that working for Kim Kardashian, “Felt very exploitative… From the second we woke up, basically, we always had texts waiting. When we went to bed, we would still be texting.” She also said, “There was a general expectation that people were so lucky to be working for the Kardashians that they knew that they could treat people like crap. That was very obvious.”

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