Betrayal Uncovered: Fiancé’s Secret Gym Partner Revealed as Bride-to-Be’s Sister, Sparks Accusations of Infidelity and Deception

By Emma Williams

A young woman recently went to an online forum to ask if she was in the wrong after an argument with her boyfriend. The 24-year-old woman had a falling out with her 27-year-old fiance after finding out he had been hiding something from her. The original poster’s (OP) fiance is an avid gym goer, going out every weekday after work for an hour with a gym partner.

OP Mentions Her Wanting To Give Something To Her Sister

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Before her fiance’s workout, they are sitting at the dinner table. OP mentions that she wants to give her sister a book because she knows she loves reading. The fiance then says he will give it to her for OP. OP is confused as to why the fiance is supposed to see her sister before she does.

OP Asks What He is Talking About

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OP then asks her fiance what he means. He is quick to change the subject to avoid answering. He rushes to leave and says he should go all the while seeming extremely uncomfortable. OP stops her fiance in his tracks and asks him again what he meant by that.

The Sister is His Workout Partner

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Before he gives the big reveal, he tells OP it is no big deal. Then he follows up by saying that the OP’s sister is his workout partner. OP had assumed his workout partner was a friend or coworker maybe, but she was dead wrong.

OP Has Never Been Told This

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OP’s fiance had been going to the gym for some time and it had never come up that her sister had become his workout partner. The fiance tries to blow it off by saying it’s not a big deal. He claims they were going to the same gym around the same time already so it just became a thing.

OP is Confused and Upset

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OP doesn’t understand why her fiance or sister never said anything about this. She claims it is weird that this has been happening for so long without it ever being brought up. She also thinks her fiance’s reaction to the situation is weird, but the fiance claims that OP is overreacting. She understands why her sister never said anything as they don’t talk much, but she lives with her fiance and speaks with him every day. OP has turned to this online forum to see if she was in the wrong.

OP Receives Overwhelming Support

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People in the forum were quick to analyze what OP had said and were on her side. They saw through the fiance and understood why OP feels the way she does. Almost no one sided with the fiance in this case. People took to the comments to go after all the messed up things they saw in this argument.

Red Flags Everywhere

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Many commenters were quick to point out just how many things were wrong with that discussion. Including the fact that neither the fiance nor the sister ever mentioned it. Then after being discovered, he immediately tried to cover it up. When he was still discovered, he tried to gaslight OP into believing it was no big deal and she was overreacting.

People Begin to Read Between the Lines

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With how the fiance reacted, people are starting to read between the lines as to what is likely happening. The fiance reacted the way he did for a reason. A toxic reaction like that means only one thing in commenters’ minds: cheating. Almost every commenter on OP’s side says he is likely cheating or at least considering it.

OP Rushes to Defend Her Fiance

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As people tear OP’s fiance apart in the comments, OP begins to reply to some of these comments to provide context that she thinks will clear his name. In one comment, she states that she’s not surprised her sister didn’t tell her cause the sister didn’t even tell the family she made it into law school. The fiance who goes to the same college as the sister is the one who told OP.

No Law School is Like That

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With the fiance knowing about law school before OP, people wonder how that could be possible unless the sister told him. OP claims it’s a small school and he had just heard it around, but many commenters argue that is not realistic. He must have heard it directly from the sister, making the whole situation all the more suspicious. It reaffirmed in the forum’s mind that the fiance is unfaithful.

Some Try to See Where the Fiance is Coming From

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Some people in the comments try to see things from the fiance’s point of view. They make up a few scenarios as to how this situation and his reaction would be warranted. The first scenario is that it had only been happening for a week or two, so the fiance forgot to mention it. This might help excuse it, but most still find that debatable. The other is trying to bond with the family he is about to marry into. Again, most people still don’t agree with this point either.

It All Boils Down to This

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Almost unanimously, the commenters on the social media forum agree that OP is not overreacting. Her feelings in the situation were valid and everything he did was wrong. No situation could excuse his actions, even all the theoretical ones people were coming up with to try and side with him. It is inexcusable and suspicious that he did not tell OP and even more weird that he reacted the way he did when OP found out. 

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