The Best Nursing covers 2020

When baby is hungry and wants to nurse, he will let you know, whether you are at home or out in public.

As a new mom, I felt somewhat awkward and a little embarrassed nursing my baby in public. 

And while it would be wonderful if there were clean, comfy nursing rooms on every corner, the reality is somewhat different.

There will be times when you’ll have to find the closest spot to sit and breastfeed your baby.

Privacy goes out the window.

This is where nursing covers can come in handy.

Best Nursing covers of 2019

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What are nursing covers?

A nursing cover is essentially a piece of fabric that covers and prevents strangers from looking at your boobies while you breastfeed your baby or pump in public.

Think of a nursing cover as the screens that go around a hospital bed. At a moment’s notice they can be pulled shut, blocking out the outside world.

Why use a nursing cover? Are nursing covers necessary.

If you are a new mom and plan to breastfeed in public, I would advise to have a nursing cover to hand just in case.

The reality is like with most things to do with motherhood we envisage it to be one way and then in practice is and feels different.

I think I am a confident woman and didn’t think I needed a nursing cover, but the first time I had to breastfeed in public was a nightmare.

Trying to get baby to latch on, find a quiet spot and not letting other people see my boobs made me feel super uncomfortable and flustered.

Sometimes there are no good options when you’re breastfeeding, other than exposing yourself or letting your baby cry, and neither of those worked for me.

This is where a nursing cover helped me and spares you some stress or awkwardness.

In America, a mother can legally breastfeed her baby in any public place, you cannot be asked to move or leave or told to cover up because others may feel uncomfortable.

However it also depends on you and your level of comfort.

I personally like to cover my boobies and having a nursing cover gave me the freedom and confidence to be out and about with my baby.

As I had more children I didn’t want to be cooped up indoors, between soccer practice and ballet there was no way I could just sit at home and breastfeed all day.

I can’t leave home without it and have used mine on the subway, plane and park to name a few.

When my husband’s colleagues came to visit us when I had my baby, I was able to be in the same room as my guests and feed my baby without having my boobies on show.

Ultimately using a nursing cover is up to you. Do not feel pressurized by anyone.

It’s not fair to anyone to say you should cover up or you shouldn’t cover up.

Whether you breastfeed openly or you use a nursing cover is totally up to you.

It’s your body and your baby, the choice is yours.

What should a nursing cover do?

Cover: A nursing cover should cover your breasts and nipple areas as well as the top and sides of your boobs.

Allow your baby to breath: Nursing covers tend to cover the majority of a baby’s face and a cover that doesn’t allow air to circulate can cause a baby to not be able to breathe and also get too hot.

A baby falling asleep at your nipple may be a sign that he is not getting enough oxygen through the nursing cover.

Easily cleaned: Babies spit up and breast milk can go everywhere it’s best if your nursing cover is easy to clean then this will not be a big deal at all.

What should I look for in a nursing cover?

Material: consider the season and choose fabric that’ll be most comfortable.

Modesty: decide what level of cover you’re comfortable with and how much you would like to cover

Comfort: Some babies don’t mind having their faces covered while they feed, others hate it.

Experiment with covers to see what your baby prefers.

You don’t want to fuss or end up pulling it away, you both need to feel comfortable.

Adaptability: A nursing cover can be used for many other things other than a tool for breastfeeding; it can be used as a shade, a blanket, or scarf.

Choose a nursing cover that has multipurpose.  

Pumping: If you’re pumping milk on both sides, a full cover apron or poncho is a probably best.

If you’re breastfeeding on only one side at a time, you can get away with a carefully placed scarf or wrap.

Style: There are many many different styles, colours and prints, choose one that makes you feel happy and confident.

Are nursing covers safe?

Yes. However, as you will likely completely cover your baby with the nursing cover you will need to make sure there is space to allow a flow of air so there is plenty of oxygen and that it doesn’t get too hot.

A baby falling asleep at your nipple may be a sign that he is not getting enough oxygen through the nursing cover.

How Many Nursing Covers Do I Need?

It honestly depends on you, some moms can get away with having one, wash, dry, and packed in your diaper bag ready for the next day.

This also works for moms who may nurse occasionally.

However, if you’re like many busy moms where you’re constantly struggling to stay organized, you would benefit from having two or more nursing covers.

You may also need to consider the climate of where you live.

If the weather changes throughout the year you may opt for lighter ones during the summer and thicker ones in the winter.

During one winter I chose a nursing color that was the same color as my coat.

The Best Nursing Cover of 2019

1. Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover

Best Nursing Covers for Summer


*Light, breathable and airy material perfect for Summer.
*Easy to use.
*Fits easily into a diaper bag.
*Lets you make eye contact with your baby during nursing.


*Can be on the slightly pricier side.
*Some people have found the material a little sheer.

The Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover with Built-in Burp Cloth

Best Nursing Apron


*Neck strap can be adjusted to fit you.
*Burp cloth sewn inside so you can switch from breastfeeding  to burping them.
*Rigid neckline allows you to make contact with baby.


* Some people have the neckline too wide.

3. 4 in 1 Multipurpose Nursing Cover

Best Multipurpose Cover


* The material is soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin.
* Can be used in many ways.
* Big enough to keep you completely covered.


* Some moms have had problems with it snagging easily because it’s so thin.
* This cover might not be warm enough for winter use unless you’re indoors.

4. Hooter Hiders Cotton Nursing Cover 

Best Nursing Cover for Twins


* This cover has two pockets so you can keep small items handy, like breast pads.
* Machine washable.
*Large enough for two babies.
*Breathable cotton for hot weather.


*They don’t come in solid colors, only patterns.
*It may take you a few tries to find the right length for the neck strap.

5. Full Coverage Nursing Cover

Best Nursing Poncho


*You can get it in over 20 colors so you’ll be able to find options to go with any outfit.
*It can be used as a stroller cover too to protect your baby from the sun or wind.
*It’s large enough to fit plus-size women.


*It can’t be put in the dryer.
*This cover is a little more expensive than some others.

The Bottom Line

Breastfeeding moms, how do you handle nursing your baby when you’re away from home? Do you have any tips and tricks how you feed your baby in public? If so, please share and comment below to help those moms who are just starting out.

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