15 Beauty Standards That Are Actually Really Ugly

By Krystal Brown

Many women face the challenge of adhering to lofty beauty standards, and we look into 15 things that might seem appealing at first glance but, in reality, fall short and are far from beautiful.

Unnatural Veneers

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When veneers are super white they look unnatural and as if they should be on a cartoon character. It is one thing to want clean teeth to remove any signs of tea or red wine stains but some people take it a step too far. 

Photoshopped Images

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People feel the need to photoshop images or use beauty filters in all of their photographs in order to look beautiful and wrinkle-free. In reality, these pictures look like people have no texture in their faces and almost look alien-like. Natural is best, warts and all. 

Exaggerated Lip Liner

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In a bid to make their lips look bigger, some women use lip liner to draw outside of their natural lip line to make their lips appear bigger. While these women think that their lips look great like this, they could actually get a part of The Joker in the next Batman film.

Buccal Fat Removal 

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There is a trend to remove fat from rounded cheeks, particularly in the K-Pop fandom. A once nicely shaped face with a little fat turns out to be a gaunt, ghost-like face shape that is not attractive. With so much celebrity endorsement the buccal fat removal trend is not set to go away but people wish it would. 

Overfilled Lips

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Lip fillers can look great if they are used in moderation but when a woman (or some men) overfill their lips they look very unnatural and not attractive in the slightest. Some people compare overfilled lips to duck bills and this isn’t far off the mark in some cases. 

Cheek Fillers

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It is not only lip fillers that are a turn-off for many people, cheek fillers can make people look ugly too. To have perfect cheeks some women and men get fillers but others think that it just makes them look like they have had an allergic reaction. 

Butt Lifts/Enhancements

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Not only is butt enhancement a dangerous procedure, but it also doesn’t look that great, according to some people. Like many other cosmetic procedures, a butt enhancement can look unnatural and out of proportion to the rest of the body. 

Tattooed Eyebrows

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There is an abundance of different eyebrow procedures from microblading to high-definition services that are popular among many women all over the world. Tattooing, for many people, is going a step too far as it looks like people who have them are permanently scared or surprised! 

Orange Spray Tans

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For an all-year-round tan, men and women use an array of fake tan lotions and potions and many will opt for a spray tan. Light spray tans look great but when people take it a step too far and end up Trump-like orange their taste needs to be questioned.

Fake Eyelashes

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Long, thick eyelashes are the dream of many women but when they do not come naturally people turn to fake lashes. There are subtle fake lashes that look attractive and then there are super thick lashes that would poke a man’s eye out the minute they leaned in for a kiss. 


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A lot of Botox these days looks very subtle and a lot of people would not notice if you got regular top-ups. However, some people take it too far with Botox and will end up with a frozen face which means they cannot display any real emotion. People don’t like a face full of Botox because they cannot tell if a person is happy, sad, or any emotion in between.

Thick Make-Up

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When women wear very thick makeup it hides all that is natural about their face and a lot of men and women do not like that. If women want to wear a lot of make-up that is great as it is their choice but if they are wearing it to be more attractive, wearing too much will have the opposite effect. 

Long Nail Extensions

Woman saying no
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Long nail extensions are all the rage but many people find them ugly not only because they look like they could take an eye out at any second but they could also be harboring a multitude of bacteria underneath. Enjoy long nails by all means but when it looks like you need to go to the vet for a trim rather than get a pedicure you may need to rethink your decision. 

Overly Large Muscles

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When men and women build their muscles too much it looks plastic and unattractive according to many people. Going to the gym and eating enough protein to feed a zoo is high on the list of body goals for a lot of people but sometimes people take it way too far and it looks ugly. 

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