13 ‘Bad’ Habits That Actually Might Be Good For You

By Krystal Brown

Unraveling the enigmatic nature of human habits, we delve into a realm where the line between “bad” and “good” blurs. Surprisingly, some behaviors often labeled as ‘bad’ may unexpectedly yield hidden benefits for our well-being.


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Procrastination is sometimes seen to be detrimental, yet research indicates that it may foster thinking outside the box and solving problems. By allowing the mind to wander, new connections and fresh insights could emerge, resulting in more authentic and creative solutions.

Skipping Workouts

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Sometimes skipping a workout might help you avoid injury and fatigue. Days off allow the body to heal, mend muscles, and replenish its energy levels. It also enables flexibility in continuing a long-term training routine without experiencing stress or exhaustion.


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Although daydreaming is often regarded as a distraction, it can be helpful. It permits the mind to rest from focused activities, promoting creativity and producing fresh thoughts. It gives the brain a chance to connect the dots and consider new ideas.

Using Social Media

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Although excessive social media usage can be detrimental, intentional and thoughtful engagement can be valuable. It enables one to access important information and assets, remain in touch with relatives and close friends, and learn new things. Additionally, it’s a fantastic resource for networking, experience sharing, and finding inspiration.

Drinking More Coffee

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Take your morning coffee proudly! The negative speculations surrounding morning coffee are largely baseless. Although habitual coffeeing can have some consequences, these effects are not as severe as people make them look. Coffee has been shown to have several benefits some of which include good heart health and decreased risk of having dementia. Sipping away every morning can keep you alert, boost energy, and may offer long-term benefits in maintaining great cognition in old age.

Saying No

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We’ve been brought up to believe that refusal is selfish. Saying yes to everything, on the other hand, might result in overwork, fragmented energy, and frustration. You’ll have more time to devote to the things that matter most if you can learn to politely decline requests for things that don’t matter.


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Most individuals don’t like being bored, perhaps because they think it shows a lack of inner strength. However, boredom may serve as a valuable creative outlet. It might provide you with the room you need to develop fresh approaches to old challenges or to expand your mind and creativity.

Going to Bed Late

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A lot of people assume that individuals who sleep are unproductive and lethargic. In reality, a lot of individuals try to make up for a lack of sleep during the week by sleeping in on the weekends. But not getting enough sleep has been linked to everything from weight gain to a higher risk of stroke. Therefore, don’t object to what your body requires. Do not sleep all day, but do not feel guilty if you repeatedly snooze your alarm.


Image Credit: Shutterstock.Alone time allows for increased reflection, creativity, and personal development while also offering a moment for self-reflection, tranquility, and rejuvenation. Being alone can promote self-discovery, independence, and mental and emotional clarity.

For many people, alone time is an excellent time for reflective thinking and self-discovery. It may also refresh you by regulating your emotions and physically relaxing your body.

Being Messy

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Having a messy home or workspace may foster creativity. It enables the free exchange of concepts and mental connections. Accepting some messiness may inspire novel ideas, unexpected connections, and innovative discoveries by encouraging them. So once in a while, let your desk “fallow,” break out of that stereotypical and melancholic arrangement of shelves and things. Give room for on-the-moment ideas!

Ignoring Messages After Work

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If you want to have a healthy work-life balance, you must set limits and stop working after hours. So, putting off responding to late-night business emails might help you relax, avoid burnout, and spend more time with your loved ones. Not responding to messages or emails after work may be termed a bad habit by your colleagues or even your boss, but you must let them realize that it is a bad habit you are not willing to let go of anytime soon because you place a premium on your mental and physical health. Most bosses will respect your decision and act accordingly. Truth is, if you do not set structures in your life, then people will ride on you and anything goes.

Breaking Routine

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Occasionally switching up your daily routine helps keep your mind active and prevent boredom. New experiences and unusual routes can pique your interest, inspire novel perspectives, and advance your general personal development and adaptability. You can practice this by taking a different route to your workplace or even using different restaurants in your locality. People might term this a bad habit because they cannot predict your movements, but its benefits are worth it.


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Although multitasking is frequently considered ineffective, it might be helpful for straightforward or regular jobs. It makes it possible to finish several little jobs at once, saving time, but it’s crucial to know when more complicated or significant tasks will need your whole concentration.

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