Baby Keepsake Journal

Are you a mom looking for a keepsake journal?

Are you a grandparent looking to cherish your memories in a beautiful keepsake journal?

Then look no further. This beautiful baby keepsake journal will guide your thoughts and feelings in the first year of your baby or grandchild’s life.

This journal is a keepsake for life. A keepsake full of milestone moments and a perfect gift for your child/grandchild in years to come. 

This 32-page Keepsake Journal includes:

• The day you was born: Two pages to record the day your baby was born, full given name, birth stats, labor story, birth story, what you looked like, your first feelings as a parent, and space to attach photos.

• Baby milestone pages: one page per month for the first year, one page every 3 months for the second year, and then one page for 3, 4 and 5 years. These include what you’re learning & how you’re growing, my favorite things about you right now, funny things you do & say, and your favorite toys, games, books & songs.

• Your roots: A creative approach to your family tree – simply record family members’ best qualities and fond memories with them

• Funny things you do & say write them down, so you can laugh later!

• Your thoughts on parenthood, one month in and one year in. Write about the hardest part, the most rewarding part, some things you didn’t expect, and what you’ve learned about yourself.

• A letter from parent to child, recording your hopes for your little one’s future

I hope you enjoy your keepsake journal.

All the best.

Nina x