15 Things Baby BOOMERS Enjoy Doing That Millennials HATE

By Krystal Brown

Boomers get a lot of grief simply for just existing and a lot of the hate is unwarranted. However, here are 15 things that millennials just cannot stand that boomers do.

Complaining About Modern Culture

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From music, art, fashion, and everything else in between, boomers always take the opportunity to have a dig at modern culture. Part of their dislike for modern culture comes from missing the past and disliking change but some millennials think that boomers just like to moan. 

Telling Long-winded Stories

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When a boomer tells you a story, prepare to be sat with them for the next hour. Not people to get straight to the point, boomers like to tell every little detail about an event that happened to them, including what the plate they had their dinner in looked like and what color underwear they were wearing. 

Bragging About Their Past

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Boomers love to tell millennials how great they are and how they achieved so much in their past. While it is great that boomers have accomplished so much and should feel proud, millennials feel that boomers are bragging too hard while insinuating that younger generations just don’t try hard enough, which is often not the case. 

Being Obsessed With the News

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Boomers love to keep up to date on what is going on in the world and will sometimes obsess over the details. Millennials feel that boomers who are watching the news 24/7 are often being fed fake news or will only read one perspective on things. Other people say that so much news means that boomers are often all doom and gloom. 

Using Their Speakerphone

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Millennials cannot stand how boomers use their speakerphones all of the time. Not only do people have to put up with boomers letting the whole world in on their private business, they have to do it at a ridiculously high volume. 

Refusing to Use Technology

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Koldunov via DepositPhotos.com

For every boomer that is blasting out their calls to everyone within 100 meters, there is another boomer flat-out refusing to use modern technology. Boomers are desperately hanging on to their landline phones and some are probably still not connected to the internet, never mind wifi. This makes it infuriating to millennials who cannot contact boomers in the simplest of ways. 

Taking Close-Ups

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When we say that boomers take their pictures close-up, we mean close-up! Boomers don’t believe in letting people see their whole face as they want a photograph that can detect every little freckle on their face. Some boomers take pictures that close up you can see the hair at the back of their nose. 

Zooming in on Photographs

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Not only will boomers take super close-up pictures they will zoom in on those close-ups, which is not very forgiving. It could be that they cannot see well so need to zoom in and not think about the results or it could be because they do not embrace technology. 

Using Old Slang

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As well as not being able to keep up with technology, boomers struggle to keep up with the latest slang terms. Instead of emails, boomers will write ‘notes’, and telephones are called ‘party lines’ which is infuriating to millennials. 

Treating Waiting Staff Poorly 

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As many boomers feel that they are superior to younger people and can have a sense of grandeur, it can mean that they are rude to waiting staff. Millennials are forever trying to correct the bad manners of their elders, but seemingly to no avail. 

Judging People

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Boomers love nothing more than giving people their honest, often brutal opinions. When a boomer doesn’t like something they will tell you straight to your face or gossip about you behind your back. They will judge everything from the clothes you are wearing to your choice of career. 

Dissing Modern Parenting

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You cannot be in a room with a boomer without them commenting on your parenting skills. They will bring up how they played out in the streets for hours in the dirt rather than being glued to a device and they speak about how they would never dream of answering back to their parents. Something tells us that things were not as rosy as boomers make out. 

Turning Up Unannounced

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Boomers just love to turn up at your house without telling you that they are planning to visit. People will be in the middle of a family dispute with their house as messy as it has ever been and they will still be wearing their pajamas. Millennials are begging boomers to just call ahead!

Obsessing Over Their Lawn

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A perfectly manicured lawn is a boomer’s pride and joy so you better be careful if you are planning to walk over it. Not only will boomers mow their lawn within an inch of its life, but they will also get on their hands and knees with a pair of scissors to perfect every little blade. 

Calling Instead of Texting

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Why, oh why do boomers insist on calling instead of texting? Millennials like to text so the chat is straight to the point and allows you to move on to your next task. When you receive a call from a boomer you can expect to have the phone attached to your ear for at least an hour. 

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