10 Things Attractive People Can Do That “Ugly” People Cant

By Krystal Brown
Notions of beauty and societal viewpoints often differ significantly, leading to online conversations. We delve into 10 assertions from online sources that propose certain distinctive abilities ascribed to attractive individuals, supposedly distinguishing them from those perceived as less appealing.

Positive Body Image 

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There is an intrinsic satisfaction that comes with being attractive. This is not a jibe at the ugly ones, but having a positive body image is an exhilarating experience that attractive people mostly feel. For instance, the sense of greater freedom, increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and happiness that beautiful people enjoy when they are not worrying about their looks. This makes them more productive by focusing on other things that open up better opportunities and fulfilling life.  

Societal Privilege 

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In what seems like a biased perspective about life, society reserves some specific privilege for attractive individuals close to the ugly ones. One of such is being less likely to be judged negatively. Beautiful people are accorded the benefit of the doubt and a second chance after their mistakes. This shields them from facing the consequences of their actions, like social condemnation based on their outlook. Ugly people do not enjoy these and are often judged immediately upon their actions. 

Perceived Intelligence 

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Attractive people are said to be more likely to be in positions of power and higher hierarchy in society. This is evident with a phenomenon known as the attractiveness halo effect that outlines the tendency to attract intelligence and positive traits to attractive people. Additionally, people often use facial features such as asymmetrical faces and clear skin to quantify the intelligence quotient of someone, which makes them more suitable for job placement, promotion, and others. Ugly people rarely assume this social placement even if they have the same level of intelligence as attractive people. 

Higher Popularity on Social Media 

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Practically, you will get millions of likes and comments by posting a beautiful picture on your social media account. This gives more popularity than any other content, and it has been one simple strategy to get popular. People are prone to give a second look at an attractive person; they even go as far as going inside their media to scroll through their pictures. Of course, this makes it easy to be well-known on social media, unlike ugly people who have to double down and find other means before building enough followership. 

Easier Access to Opportunities 

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Beauty and attractiveness open doors that you can never imagine. Self-confidence plays to the advantage of attractive people with no laid-back personality that will hinder their ability to pitch themselves or speak to put themselves up for opportunities. There is also the subconscious bias that is inherent in so many cultures. This bias also leads to more favorable treatment from people who give them more attention and a shot at opportunities. This is not the case with ugly people, who are mostly held back by their sense of inadequacy, which puts them off or eats into their self-esteem. 

Positive First Impression 

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First impressions are a predictor of what comes next. People tend to judge you by your physical attributes. This idea is rooted in evolutionary psychology, where traits like symmetrical facial features, even-toned skin, and others reinforce positive impressions. Another thing is social construct and confirmation bias, which conform to the selective perception of attractive individuals as those with positive attitudes, while it’s not the case with unattractive ones. This idea best explains the contrasting perspectives of people towards attractive individuals and ugly individuals. 

Attract More Friends 

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The basis of interaction is to align with people that share the same values, interests, and attitudes. But nowadays, people have added physical attractiveness and class to what they look out for in friendships. This is common among the ladies who are more attracted to those at the level of their beauty standard and social class. This newfound similarity attraction has closed the door on the ugly ones who now find it harder to get new friends based on their physical attributes. 

Higher Chance of Career Success 

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Career success is attached to your attitude and dedication to work, but in this new internet world, you tend to get your flowers easily when attractive. Most work nowadays need beautiful individuals to fill certain executive roles irrespective of your level of experience and skill set. They see beauty as a social currency to spend when they need to network and pitch their business to investors. Therefore, attractive people are favored at the expense of ugly ones, regardless of their skills. 

Easier to Find Romantic Partner 

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Everybody has an idea of who they want as a partner, and most times, people go for the attractive one. You’ll often hear women talk about 6ft men with lean muscles while men prefer beautiful women with model-like outlooks. It’s no big deal or some sort of bias; rather, it’s just simple biology. Many people understand the impact of genetics on their offspring. Thereby they opt for individuals with identifiable attractive traits as their romantic partners. This concept plays to the advantage of beautiful people who can find it easier to get any romantic partner thru want. 

Attract Attention Effortlessly 

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Physical attractiveness place people’s eyes on you anywhere you go. Because of the desirable qualities you exhibit, people will make you the center of attention in most gatherings. Self-confidence and verbal cues are the most important trait that set people aside. Attractive people find it easier to exude these qualities, which makes them more engaging and comfortable in social settings. Another thing is the nonverbal cue like body language, postures, eye contact, and others. Producing such cues draws people’s attention and makes them comfortable with them.

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