Attention, Ladies: 10 Unavoidable Truths Men Want You to Acknowledge

By Krystal Brown

If you want to endear yourself to your man then there are certain realities that you need to face, as we see below. 

1. Be Honest

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When a man asks a woman if she is OK and the reply is “I’m fine” most of us know that things are most certainly not fine. Men want women to be honest with them and believe in strong communication in a relationship, just as women do. Men want women to know that it works both ways and that if they want men to be open and honest then they need to as well. Of course, if the topic that you are annoyed about is sensitive then you should take care not to tread on their feelings too much. 

2. Give Him an Ego Boost

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Not all men are needy but a little ego boost now and again will go a long way in making men feel good about themselves. Men are not asking for a constant barrage of compliments but for women to pay them attention from time to time, just as women like to be admired by men. It could just be thanking them for an act of kindness, telling them that they look good in what they are wearing, or simply that you appreciate them. 

3. Make Them Feel Needed

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Men do want to be overly dependent on women but women understand that it is important for them to feel wanted. Of course, women can do anything that they want and should not have to rely on a man but sometimes men just want to be asked to hello out once in a while, after all a problem shared is a problem halved. A lot of men feel insecure when they feel they are surplus to requirements. 

4. Give Them Some Privacy

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If a man has something in his mind he may just want to keep it to himself and deal with it in his own time. While some women are quick to confide in their girlfriends or tell their partner how rough their day was, some men need privacy to think alone. There is, of course, a fine line as when left alone too long a man may not think that a woman truly cares about how they are feeling. 

5. Acknowledge Their Feelings

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On the subject of feelings, it can be more difficult for men to talk about their emotions and express when they are feeling unhappy. This is something that women should pay attention to and not just romantic partners. Women who have a man in their life should check in on them to see how they are feeling and if they need support. Furthermore, women need to acknowledge a man’s feelings rather than dismiss them.

6. Give Them Some Space

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When a man is feeling low or he has had a bad day it is good to keep their spirits up by spending time supporting them but sometimes they just want to be left alone. If a man needs to retreat to his man cave then it is not necessarily because they don’t want to spend time with you, rather they just need some space. 

7. Take The Lead Sometimes

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It is a common stereotype that men are the ones who should take the lead, whether that be opening doors, being the first to do something daring, or organizing the finances for your vacations. In reality, some men don’t always want to be the hero and they wish that women would take the initiative and be brave. 

8. Show Compassion 

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Men need compassion just as much as women as they can often feel vulnerable and will get things wrong even when they don’t mean to. A lot of men feel that they need to meet the macho stereotypes but they feel vulnerable just like some women can. This is one of the most common things that men want women to know as there are so many traditional expectations that men should act tough. 

9. Recognize Imperfection 

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Men cannot be perfect all of the time people cannot be perfect. Most of the time. This means that high expectations of men can lead to a lot of pressure which they don’t need. Whether it be eating messily, not knowing the correct thing to say to your Nanna, or not learning how to use the vacuum cleaner, men sometimes get it wrong and simply need some help. 

10. Be Tactile

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Just like women love to kiss and cuddle (well, a lot of women) so do men. Men love tenderness just as much as women and they wish that people knew that instead of just thinking they want a quick bunk up and then for things to cool again. Paying physical attention to your partner can have many benefits and you get to reap the rewards too. 

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