12 Fascinating Ways Americans Stand Out from Brits

By Krystal Brown

The cultural tapestry that differentiates Americans from Brits is rich, intricate, and full of delightful nuances. While both nations share a common language, the distinctions in their lifestyles, preferences, and habits are both intriguing and enlightening. Let’s delve deeper into these differences, exploring the unique characteristics that make each nation truly distinctive.

The Coffee vs. Tea Tug-of-War

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While the British have a storied history with tea, dating back to the days of colonial trade and the Boston Tea Party, Americans have cultivated a robust coffee culture. Walk through the streets of any major American city, and you’ll find coffee shops at every corner, from global chains to local artisanal roasters. In contrast, the UK cherishes its tea time, a sacred afternoon ritual accompanied by scones, clotted cream, and jam.

Sports Fanaticism: Football or… Football?

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The world of sports offers one of the most pronounced differences. In the UK, football, known as soccer in the US, reigns supreme. The Premier League is a weekend staple for many Brits. Meanwhile, in the US, American football dominates the scene, with the Super Bowl being an unofficial national holiday. And let’s not forget baseball, basketball, and hockey, which have massive followings in the States.

The Metric vs. Imperial Tango

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The US’s insistence on sticking to the imperial system often baffles many. While the UK officially adopted the metric system in the 1960s, the US continues to measure distance in miles, weight in pounds, and volume in gallons. This divergence often leads to amusing confusions, especially for travelers.

Spellbound by Spelling

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The English language, while shared, has evolved differently on either side of the Atlantic. Americans prefer simpler spellings, dropping the “u” from words like “colour” and “favour.” Additionally, there are differences in terminology: elevators vs. lifts, trucks vs. lorries, and apartments vs. flats, to name a few.

Culinary Adventures: Biscuits vs. Cookies

Biscuits in plastic packaging
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Food is a window into a culture’s soul, and the US and UK offer a smorgasbord of differences. In the UK, biscuits are sweet treats, while in the US, they’re flaky, buttery bread often served with breakfast. And those crispy chips Brits love? Americans call them fries, reserving “chips” for what Brits call crisps.

The Great Tipping Debate

Man tipping at restaurant
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Tipping in the US is not just appreciated; it’s expected. With service workers relying on tips to supplement their income, it’s customary to tip between 15% to 20% in restaurants. In the UK, while tipping is practiced, it’s less systematic, and service charges are often included in the bill.

Drive on The… Left? Right?

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Driving is another area where the two nations diverge. The UK, along with countries like India, Australia, and Japan, drives on the left. In contrast, the US, like most of the world, drives on the right. This difference extends to car designs, with the driver’s seat positioned accordingly.

Diverse Accents

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The US, with its vast landmass, is home to a plethora of accents. From the southern drawl of Texas to the fast-paced speech of New York, each region has its unique twang. The UK, though smaller, boasts an impressive array of accents, from the rolling r’s of Scotland to the soft tones of the West Country.

TV and Entertainment

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American TV is known for its frequent commercial breaks, making shows longer. British TV, on the other hand, has fewer ads, leading to shorter episodes. Additionally, British series tend to have fewer episodes per season compared to American series.

Fascination with Royalty

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The British monarchy is a source of endless fascination for many Americans. The pomp, ceremony, and history associated with the royals are captivating. While the US has its share of celebrity culture, the British royals hold a special place in many American hearts.

Education System

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The education systems are markedly different. In the US, students go to elementary, middle, and high school before heading to college. In the UK, students attend primary school, then secondary school, and finally, university. Terminologies differ too: in the US, “public schools” are state-funded, while in the UK, “public schools” are elite private institutions.

Holidays and Celebrations

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While both countries celebrate Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s, there are unique holidays like the Fourth of July in the US, marking its independence, and Guy Fawkes Night in the UK. Additionally, the way these holidays are celebrated can vary, with traditions and customs unique to each nation.

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