10 Things Americans HATE About Living in America

By Krystal Brown

The United States is a great country with a lot to offer its residents. However, there are also some aspects of daily life in the US that can be frustrating or challenging.

Gun Violence 

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The widespread availability of firearms and poor gun control are worrying signs and irritating tenets that most people hate living in America. Mass shootings have been prevalent in recent years, leading to safety concerns and tragic incidents among the populace. There is an estimated 393 million civilian-owned firearms in the United state and more than 48,117 gun-related deaths in 2022. Furthermore, the divisive debate about gun laws has led to helplessness in the public’s mind, who are frustrated about the menace. Citizens desirous of a safer society find it easy to derive hatred for their stay in America. 

High Cost of Living 

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This is one of the most frequent complaints about living In America. It is difficult to make enough sustenance even if you take extra shifts at work. The problem of the high cost of living encompasses various factors, including the rising cost of groceries, especially in urban areas like New York. Another thing is the high cost of education in public and private colleges; families and individuals have to contend with the continued increase in tuition fees above the inflation level, and those that access student loans are mandated to pay back. All these have led to financial instability and poor quality of life for families and individuals. 

Unaffordable Healthcare System

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Those who are left to bear the brunt of the high cost of medical care, insurance premiums, and prescription drug are at the mercy of chronic financial burdens, leading to hatred for their stay in the United States. Most people are left inundated with the possibility of not getting adequate healthcare despite their health insurance. This has led to a series of painstaking choices for most people that have no choice but to forego medical treatment due to cost concerns. Unaffordable healthcare is a cocoon of insecurity, stress and anxiety among citizens which has heightened their dissatisfaction about staying in the United States. 

Long Working Hour 

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Excessive working hours come with a series of what I’ve impacted on work-life balance, health, mental health and personal life. The culture of king working hours is endemic in America; this was apparent in a United nation report that stated that Americans work more hours per year than employees in countries like Germany, Britain, France, Belgium and others. This is a serious concern for employees who may feel forced to give quantity over quality due to burnout. Furthermore, there is also the potential to feel isolated due to a lack of time for hobbies and socialising. As a result of this long working hour contributes to what most people hate about their stay in America. 

Poor Housing System 

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The growing wealth gap has exacerbated the problems of homelessness in the United state. This problem has become rampant since time immemorial, and it’s not looking like it’s going away anytime soon. The challenge of a poor housing system comes with various tentacles, such as health concerns, financial strain, and finished quality of life. Compared with the housing policies being put in place by other developing countries, the United States has shabbily put its citizens at the mercy of a lukewarmish housing system that has so far plunged them into poverty and gnashing hatred for America.

The Toxic Political Landscape

The political landscape in the United States has so far been a thing of shame, all thanks to the series of dare-devil ideologies of the right wings and the leftists who have become more divided as the day goes by. The political landscape is so toxic that you can hardly walk a few miles without being asked about your opinion of the present government. Additionally, the barrage of toxicity that the media have pushed during and after the election period can be difficult to handle by many whose plan is to live in a country devoid of noise and lies.

Keeping Up With The Joneses Mentality

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Americans are full of people that follow the shiny little toy syndrome of going after their latest phones, designers and other items irrespective of their financial status. Of course, people all over the world buy the latest and greatest of everything. But Americans overdo it in this regard because they’d rather spend all their dollars on a new toy than feed their starving neighbours. This malaise further transcends to the way they view people who do not follow the lifestyle of consumerism by setting a timeline for who gets it first.

Sense of Entitlement 

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Many Americans think the government owes them every penny to sustain their livelihood. This is the case with citizens who would rather stay unemployed and be taken some token from the government than go out and work. Many people were brought up with this culture of entitlement which has festered among all their age groups. A hardworking citizen is a source of pride for the nation and helps economic prosperity. But Americans are not wired that way, which infuriates hardworking others.

Lack of a Work-Life Balance

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Inherent everyday work culture in America leaves no space for other things. Americans relish the idea of being busy all through, and they see it as an accomplishment. Seeing people take their work home after the office to go through it at night or at the weekend is sickening. The rising cost of living also normalises the art of everyday work since most people need to work so hard before they can pay for stuff. 

Ridiculous Tipping Culture

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Tipping culture can be an infuriating culture shock for some people when they find out you must tip the waiters at a restaurant. Not everyone buys this flawed culture of paying people for doing their job and becoming an avenue of paying the price for cheap employees. The frustrating thing about this is that waiters see it as a right and mostly turn to dissent if you turn it down or give them below their expectations.