10 Addictions That Are Considered “Normal”

By Krystal Brown

In a society where habits and behaviors can become deeply ingrained, some addictions may camouflage themselves as normalcy. This article sheds light on ten seemingly commonplace addictions that have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of everyday life, exploring their potential impact on individuals and society as a whole.


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Drinking in public has grown widespread. Nowadays, it’s trendy to drink alcohol in huge gatherings. Alcohol drinking is no longer seen negatively by society as it once was. A certain amount of alcohol intake is okay, but once someone starts drinking, they develop an addiction, which is also bad for their health. It is worthy of note to mention here that almost foods contain alcohol, so unless it is entirely necessary, alcohol from drinks should be taken with caution or entirely avoided. Drunkenness from alcohol is a leading cause of domestic violence, accidents due to drunk driving, sexual abuse and molestation, rape case, divorce, and even mental issues.

Social Media

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The online social media movement has quickly taken hold in society and is continually growing. Different media types and social media content have an impact on each person’s thinking in different ways. Addictive use of social media platforms should be discouraged. Some parts of social media are full of unsuitable and damaging content for human mental health. Still, social media usage is becoming more widespread and widely accepted nowadays.


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The glamorization of gambling in popular culture and the media has led to mental and monetary issues. People who gamble frequently struggle with anxiety, sadness, and certain personality problems. Domestic violence, poverty, suicide, bankruptcy, and other horrible things can result from gambling addiction.

Prescription Drugs

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Addiction may result from using prescription drugs excessively. Only when sick should a person take medication. The body won’t respond much to medicine if it becomes a routine part of life. As a result, if a person becomes dependent on medication, it turns into an addiction. He develops a drug addiction that affects both his body and mental health. That is why drugs should never be habit-forming over an extended period.


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Regular marijuana usage makes a person reliant on it, and a lot of drugs can harm the brain cells. it is already an addiction when someone cannot bring himself to stop using substances that damages their health. Marijuana is one of those substances that can affect the mental state of a person. There have been recorded cases of mental insanity, violence, bad decision-making, loss of lives, etc., due to the abuse of marijuana. Although social media and celebrity lifestyles have portrayed marijuana as normal, we cannot deny the many woes that those addicted to marijuana had had to deal with.


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This may come as a surprise, but yes, working can become a very harmful addiction if not checked. Working is a good habit, and success comes from persistent hard effort. However, emphasizing work over health and concentrating only on work can both be quite harmful to your health. Although working is a beneficial habit, when individuals labor above their capacity, they put their health at risk. Work is useless if health isn’t taken care of.


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Caffeine and coffee are popular in today’s society. Primarily because it encourages everyone to maintain an active lifestyle. People who wish to work long hours often consume coffee, and such people also suffer from sleeplessness. It’s beneficial to consume coffee in moderation. Excessive coffee drinking has several negative consequences. Additionally, it might make the body more susceptible to many illnesses.

Technology And Smartphones

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People use their cell phones for a lot of their modern-day work. Nowadays, society despises anyone without a smartphone or other modern technology. As the days go by, it is now becoming impossible to live without a phone. One of the most damaging effects of technology and smartphone addiction is the blurred lines between virtual living and real-life living. First, individuals converse and engage with one another in real life. They formerly enjoyed socializing. People these days choose to lead virtual lives, this has strained real relationships and trivialized the place of effective communication.


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When we were younger, we used to go shopping whenever we needed something. Nowadays, shopping is considered a kind of therapy. This is especially practiced as a hobby among women. They are so accustomed to shopping that they will buy just anything, whether useful or not. It is a total waste of money, and if you indulge too much, it may become addictive.

Fast Food

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Junk food has become a ready go-to in our modern world where everyone is in a hurry. This has made fast food very popular across several regions. Junk food is an unhealthy food with a lot of fat and sugar. It is edible and portable, but if we think about the long term, it also has a lot of health problems. It is extremely destructive to the internal organs of the body. Although this kind of eating is now considered normal in many parts of the world, doctors still warn that addiction to fast food is a leading cause of many health problems including obesity, malnutrition, etc.

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