18 Types of Men You Should NEVER Marry!

By Krystal Brown

If you are on the lookout for love and would love to get married one day, here is a list of 18 types of men you should never marry:

The Abuser

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This man is physically, emotionally, or verbally abusive. He may control you, isolate you from your friends and family, or make you feel worthless. Abuse can escalate. Abuse often starts small, but it can quickly escalate over time. If you are dating someone abusive, it is essential to end the relationship before the abuse gets worse.

The Addict

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Addiction is a chronic disease that can devastate the person with an addiction and their loved ones. People with an addiction often cannot control their cravings and will go to great lengths to get what they need, even if it means hurting or neglecting the people they love.

The Cheater

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If someone cheats on their previous partner, there is a good chance that they will cheat on you, too. Cheaters have shown that they are willing to put their own needs and desires ahead of the needs and desires of their partners.

The Narcissist

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A narcissist has an inflated sense of their importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. They are often charming and manipulative but can also be cruel and demeaning.

The Commitment-Phobe

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A commitment-phobe is afraid of commitment and will likely never be ready to settle down. They may string you along for years without ever proposing, or they may marry you but never be fully committed to the relationship.

The Mama’s Boy

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A momma’s boy is a man who is too close to his mother and cannot make his own decisions without her approval. He may always put his mother’s needs first, even before his wife’s. This can create a lot of problems in a marriage.

The Workaholic

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This man is addicted to work and will never have time for you. He will always put his job first, even if it means sacrificing your relationship.

The Gamer

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This man spends more time playing video games than he does spending time with you. He is not interested in your life or in building a relationship with you.

The Slob

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This man is messy and unhygienic. He has no respect for himself or his home. Slob habits can be very annoying and disgusting. If your partner is a slob, you may constantly feel like you are cleaning up after them. This can be very frustrating and time-consuming.

The Liar

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Lying is a betrayal of trust, and trust is essential for a healthy and successful relationship. When you marry someone, you are making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with them. You need to be able to trust that they are honest with you, even when it is difficult.

The Manipulator

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Yes, it would help if you did not marry a manipulator. Manipulators are people who use deception and other tactics to control and exploit others. They may be charming and charismatic at first, but they will eventually start to show their true colors. Manipulators may threaten to leave you, harm themselves, or even harm you if you don’t do what they want.

The Gaslighter

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This man tries to make you think you are crazy or that you are misremembering things. He is trying to control you and gaslight you into submission. Gaslighters will often downplay or trivialize the victim’s feelings or experiences. They may tell them that they are being too sensitive or that they are making a big deal out of nothing.

The Gold Digger

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Gold diggers often use a variety of tactics to attract and manipulate their targets. They may flatter them, shower them with gifts, or pretend to have similar interests. They may also use emotional blackmail, threatening to leave or break their heart if they don’t get what they want.

The Player

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Players are not interested in commitment. They are more interested in casual hookups and short-term relationships. They may lie to you about their intentions or tell you what you want to hear in order to get what they want.

The Control Freak

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Controlling behavior is often a sign of abuse. A controlling man may try to isolate you from your friends and family, control your finances, and tell you what to wear and do.

The Immature Man

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This man is emotionally unavailable and not ready for a serious relationship. He may be selfish, irresponsible, or have a lot of growing up to do.

The Man with Anger Issues

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This man has a lot of anger and resentment inside of him. A man with anger issues may be more likely to verbally, emotionally, or physically abuse his partner. Anger issues can create a hostile home environment. Living with a man with anger issues can be stressful and draining. You may feel constantly on edge, afraid of setting him off.

The Man with Different Values

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This man has different values and beliefs than you do. He may not respect your values or beliefs, which could lead to conflict in your relationship. If you are dating any of these men, it is best to end the relationship. You deserve to be with someone who loves you, respects you, and makes you happy.

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