18 Banks With the Worst Reputations in America

By Aaron Stone

From high overdraft charges and refusal to breathe time to pay bills, most of us occasionally have gripes with our bank. However, when it comes to customer service rating and public perception, these 18 banks stand out as being the most hated in America:

Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo has struggled to regain public confidence since its cross-selling scandal in 2016. This major incident involved bank employees creating millions of unauthorized accounts and enrolling customers in various financial products without their knowledge. Employees felt they needed to meet unrealistic sales targets set by management, which resulted in significant financial losses and damaged trust.

Credit One

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Credit One is known for having comparatively higher annual fees and additional charges than other credit card issuers, especially for cards aimed at individuals with lower credit scores. Consumer Affairs readers have given this bank the most one-star ratings, with billing and collection issues causing the most concern for customers. 

Chase Bank

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A report by Fair Shake indicates that Chase Bank received the most customer complaints in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and New York. The complaints reportedly centered around account suspensions due to bank policies, which temporarily prevented customers from accessing their funds.

PNC Bank

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Long wait times to reach customer service representatives, long deposit times and difficulty accessing accounts online are two of the main reasons customers of PNC Bank are unhappy. Despite being the 6th largest bank in the U.S. they are being sued for unlawfully withdrawing funds from their customers’ accounts to pay off their credit cards, and their customer satisfaction ratings have rapidly decreased.

Bank of America

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Serving over 69 million customers, Bank of America is one of the oldest in the U.S. You would think that with so much experience and over 3 trillion in assets, the bank would be well respected, but that is different. Customers are dissatisfied with the poor customer service, withholding promised bonuses to credit card holders, and hidden fees, which are just some of the reasons the bank has a low satisfaction rating. 

U.S Bank

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A significant portion (39%) of US Bank reviews on Consumer Affairs resulted in a 1-star rating due to many customers dissatisfied with poor service and high-profile complaints. The most worrying incident was in July 2022, when the bank settled with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regarding allegations of unauthorized account openings.

TD Bank

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New Jersey and Vermont customers rate TD Bank lowly as they are exhausted by the long wait times for customer service and are unhappy with the service fee structure. High service fees are standard in comments and negative reviews of the bank. 

Capital One Bank

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Capital One Bank is the twelfth largest in the U.S. and has 100 million customers in its profile. While they may be popular, there have been many negative reviews due to high credit card fees and instances of fraud that take a long time to sort for customers. 

Fifth Third Bank

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Reports indicate that Fifth Third Bank received many negative customer reviews from unhappy customers, specifically in Kentucky and Ohio. These reviews mentioned concerns regarding aggressive sales tactics and a lack of transparency regarding associated charges.


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Investopedia reports that the bank received a substantial fine of nearly $2 billion for failing to address money laundering activities adequately. This fine is considered one of the largest ever imposed on a bank by U.S. authorities for violating financial regulations and has left customers feeling nervous. 


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Instances of account lockouts and potentially lengthy processes to regain access have led the bank, ranked 25th in size, to receive low customer satisfaction ratings. High service fees and pressure to open accounts have also been mentioned in the negative comments the company has encountered. 


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Customer reviews indicate that SunTrust Bank has received negative feedback in Georgia, especially. Concerns about potentially high or unclear fee structures associated with certain bank services have led to people being dissatisfied with the bank, which has 1,400 branches across the U.S.


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BB&T has been part of Truist Bank since a 2019 merger, and customers hope to see an improvement in their service, which is yet to come. More transparency regarding associated fees with certain banking services and delays to funds are customers’ primary complaints about this institution. 

M&T Bank

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Online reviews and reports mention M&T Bank’s long wait times to reach support representatives and difficulties navigating the bank’s online platform or mobile app. These issues, along with monthly maintenance charges and charges for using out-of-network ATMs, have left a negative stain on the company. 

BMO Harris

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There have been many complaints against the bank because of problems using its website and mobile app. Customers from the largest Midwest bank also complain of frustration with the high overdraft fees on specific accounts. 

Regions Bank

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In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) fined the bank $7.5 million for issues related to overdraft fees, which gives insight into how dissatisfied their customers are. This bank has fewer branches than some competitors, which may be inconvenient for customers who do not like to bank online. 

Santander Bank

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Frustration with the process of getting help and advisors’ slowness in addressing concerns are the main reasons Santander has a low customer service rating. Other customers feel confused about the fee structure and need clarification on when they will incur charges.


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Citibank has criticized transparency around account fees, with some customers citing hidden fees. Customers have also given the bank low ratings for poor customer service experiences, and some are concerned about media reports of underperformance within the bank. 

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