12 OUTRAGEOUS Gender Stereotypes Men Still Hold About Women’s Roles

By Aaron Stone

The increasing popularity of feminism and gender equality is challenging outdated expectations of women. Women are no longer expected to conform to traditional gender roles, and they are increasingly free to pursue their own interests and goals. Here are a few examples of outdated expectations of women that are fast becoming obsolete.

Being Docile

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Back in the day, women are related to just home relics that must take in all sorts of scrutiny from men without complaining. This period of mental abashment has subjected them to all kinds of assaults without retaliation. Fast forward to the era of girls’ power, being docile is out of fashion and is seen as trampling women’s rights. There is no basis to justify the benefit of such docile behavior, making it a shame seeing women consume all sorts of abuses from men while keeping quiet.  

Cooking and Cleaning 

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In this era, It’s almost impossible to carve out a life outside the consuming world of work. The thing that that cooking and cleaning is the designated work of women is definitely out of vogue. This is plausible with the rise of startups that do the cooking and house cleaning perfectly and take the burden off the women. Additionally, outsourcing the job to others is another means of enhancing women’s productivity since the hours used in cooking can be subjected to other productive work that will fetch some income. 

Taking Care of the Husband

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It’s laughable because how could a grown-up man be seen as a toddler? The idea of a woman caring for the husband is as absurd as it seems because of the constant abuse of this privilege by many men who couldn’t flush the toilet after using it. This is fast becoming obsolete and out of fashion among many since this habit reinforces the power of relationship imbalance that could result from a woman cleaning up the mess left behind by an overgrown toddler. 

Looking after Children

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This should be the exclusive work of both presents, but the older world places the load on the women courtesy of the universal agreement of men who controlled the society then. The fast realization of the mistakes has opened up the road to the obsolescence of this attitude, leading to a collaborative work of men and women in looking after the children. 

Dress Modestly 

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The basis of policing women’s dress has been washed down the drain since people realize the pressing need to curb men’s excesses towards women. Past decades were marred with the call for women to dress in a certain way to curtail the frivolities and lust of men. But things change with the realization that dressing styles are not directly correlated to sexual assault being meted out to women by men. 

Ignore Career Ambitions 

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It’s all shades of embarrassment to speak less about the prospect of a woman chasing a career in this age when women are becoming the core leaders in their respective endeavors. The societal attitude to this construct is evolving, with many people now getting the scope of the importance of the support women pursuing their career would give to their husbands compared to those that sit at home all days 

Avoid Reproductive Health 

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This was rooted in the traditional gender stereotype that entirely placed women’s health matters into the hands of men. This is a blatant disregard for women who have zero say in situations regarding their well-being, only to sit duck and let the men do all the bidding on their behalf in accordance with societal norms. In today’s world that promotes open conversation about reproductive health, the need for women to be the focal point of the discourse has been the old tradition and embraced a more active role of women in reproductive health matters.

Keep Mute on Financial Matters 

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This is a flawed gender dynamic that was among the poor stereotypes of the past. In modern times, women have played active roles in the world’s critical financial and trade sectors; there is no better time to collaborate between men and women on issues bordering on financial matters to ensure the financial stability of the entire world. 

Stay Away From Sports 

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The changing perspective on the role of women in society has placed this demeaning stereotype among those who deserve to end up in the trash. The earlier recognition of the excellent optics of women’s sports has put that side by side with that of men. This has increased the general acceptance of world participation in various sports, including boxing, football, basketball, tennis, and others. 

Not Pursuing Higher Education 

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The tradition that women should not go to school or pursue higher education has been bad since the 1920s, which has so far crept into the traditional fabrics and jaw perpetuated over time. Fortunately, this has subsided and rendered the tradition outdated, with modern society realizing that women are capable of higher education and pursuing their careers in any field as men.  

Being Submissive 

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The idea that women need to be submissive to men has led to sexual assaults and authoritative power over women. This attitude was enshrined in the concept of gender roles and the  expectation that women must be submissive to their men regardless of the man’s attitude. This has been eradicated with time as men see the flaws in this perspective on gender roles. The flexibility that comes with this new era idea and acknowledgment of the importance of mutual respect has eradicated the idea of a submissive women 

Taking the Husband’s Last Name 

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Taking the husband’s surname has been one of the most standing family traditions that people regard as a sign of unity between husband and wife as well as a symbol of family identity. The complete change in perspective of people over time has placed this family tradition in the midst of things that have been regarded as outdated, with women now choosing to keep their names at the expense of taking their husbands. It has been identified that this decision often relied on personal choices that emanated from the change in the life trajectory.

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