12 Most Heartbreaking Ways People Have Been Dumped

By Krystal Brown

There is no ideal way to break up with someone, however, we have taken the liberty of listing 12 methods you should definitely avoid.

Over Social Media

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Breaking up with someone over social media shows a complete disregard for their feelings. It is a cowardly way of ending things to avoid the emotional aftermath. Sending a private message may seem acceptable if you have a long-distance relationship, but even then, you should call.

What’s worse is breaking up with them by sending a post, tweet or Tik Tok that everyone can see. Unless they’ve wronged you, such as cheating, then this isn’t fair and will only embarrass them.

Using Someone Else

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This method is particularly brutal. Not dumping someone directly adds more pain to an already dreadful situation. Getting someone else to do your dirty work is downright disrespectful.

Your partner cannot get closure if you are not even there to deliver the break-up speech yourself. Come on, you need to have a heart and backbone to deliver the bad news yourself.

Going Ghost

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Ghosting someone (completely ignoring them and never sending a message) without an explanation is a horrible way to end things. This will drudge up many doubts about whether you were ever sincere. This will cause your partner to feel like the entire relationship was insignificant to you. 


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Hyper-focusing on mistakes, flaws, or appearance is probably the first line in a coward’s handbook. They try to point out everything their partner is seemingly doing wrong to facilitate the break-up process.

This not only lowers your partner’s self-esteem but also makes them feel like they are to blame for the break-up. Come on, you’re better than that!

Act like a Jerk

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This is possibly one of the most manipulative ways to dump someone: make them think that it is their idea. This typically happens when you behave in a displeasing manner to make your partner think that they are in a bad relationship.

This includes being rude, missing dates, and forgetting important milestones. This allows you to leave the relationship without taking any accountability. However, you know what else stays behind? Your integrity. 

On a Special Occasion

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Ruining a day that is important to someone is awful and will remain with them for years to come. So before hastily breaking up with someone on their special day, consider the repercussions.

There is no way that the idea of breaking up suddenly springs into your mind on your partner’s special day. Even if you want to leave someone, sometimes it’s best to leave it for a few days so they aren’t scarred with bad memories on what should be a happy day.

Slowly Fading Away

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Reducing the frequency of communication with your partner until it completely stops is emotionally abusive. Your partner will most likely spend days on end trying to figure out why you are distancing yourself. So, avoid prolonging their pain and scrape up some courage to end it amicably.

In Public

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This method is extremely dangerous in the digital age. Breaking up with someone publicly might result in them being the butt of the joke on social media. This is damaging to your partner’s mental health, reputation, and dignity.

Avoid causing a scene and break up with your partner privately. You are already breaking up with them, no need to rub salt in the wound.

Call It ‘Taking a Break’

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This gives your partner false hope that you will come back eventually. You are just prolonging the inevitable and let’s face it, trying to save face. Unfortunately, you cannot be the hero in everyone’s story, and you just have to come to terms with that. If you want to end it, then end it right now.

After a Big Commitment

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Getting cold feet after a commitment displays a lack of respect for your partner’s life. Coming together to buy a house or adopt a dog is usually done when two people are trying to merge their lives, however, it is also when most commitment issues arise.

Avoid placing your partner in an emotional or financial hole by thinking it through before making any big commitment.

By Picking a Fight

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Starting a huge argument over silly mistakes or accidents to avoid bringing up your intention to break up is immature. If you lack emotional maturity, you should not be in a relationship anyway.

Beating around the bush will result in miscommunication and a break-up that is not amicable. Let’s be honest, people use this method to pass the blame onto their partner.


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Being unfaithful to your partner because you are too scared to break up with them is cruel. Being cheated on has detrimental effects on a person’s mental health and ruins their perspective of love.

Understand that cheating is more painful than the break-up itself, you would do your partner a favor by just being honest. If you’re unhappy in a relationship, then just end it without adding on even more pain.

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