12 Activities People Can’t Quit (Even Though They’re Terrible at Them)

By Krystal Brown

There is a weird idea in our society that to enjoy something, you should be good at doing it, but nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a wide variety of things that people can love even if they are awful at it. 


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Dancing and movement are a natural part of human life. Hearing a tune that is just right for your brain at the moment inspires you to get up and move. Most people are not trained or good at dancing. Even more people can barely follow the beat. However, looking good is not what dancing is about. It is about feeling good and vibing with some music. 


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Everyone has a few favorite songs that make you want to belt out every lyric. No matter the genre, people love to follow along with their favorite tune. Just like dancing though, most people are not exactly the best singers. They have no training and don’t even try to stay in tune. They just want to let that feeling out that the song brings them and express that emotion even if it does sound terrible. 


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Painting comes with a wide variety of options and lets you explore yourself. Whether you choose to paint seriously or create your version of abstract art, there is still enjoyment in it. A lot of people who do paint for fun are not very good at it. They slap some paint on a canvas with a variety of colors depending on their mood and call it a day. After all, art is art. 


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Drawing is similar to painting as an activity that people love even if they are bad at it. Certain techniques are required to draw well, but who doesn’t love to doodle on occasion? We have all drawn on the margins of pages or scribbled on our homework as a kid. These people keep it up in their daily lives to bring them joy or help them through whatever they are feeling. Sketches and drawing can be mindless and fun even for those who aren’t the best at it. 


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Running is not only good for your body, but your mind too. It can improve your health and wellness. That runner high afterward is a bonus too. Not everyone who runs is a trained athlete, however. Some people run to release the energy they have in their body, to run through the rain with their friends, or just to try and get better at it eventually. It is not something you need to be good at to want to enjoy doing it. As long as you take care not to hurt yourself, you can run however you want.


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Yoga is a strenuous activity with a variety of different levels to it. Even skilled yoga practitioners are constantly leveling up their abilities. As things get more stressful in life, yoga is a great place that many people have turned to for stress relief. Sure, many of them can barely hold a downward dog, but that’s not the point of it. The point is that connection with the body and mind, and constant practice makes perfect.


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Crocheting and knitting are difficult hobbies, but many people do it anyway. They will try to figure out how to make a blanket one day, but for now, they keep making the same chain over and over. It is therapeutic in a way to be able to do something with your hands and know that you will eventually create something.


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Writing comes in all forms. This can include journaling, poetry, novels, and more. In any form, writing is an outlet. Journaling about your day can help release those feelings. Poetry can help express your emotions, even if when someone else reads it they don’t understand. 


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Cooking is more of an art than a skill and many people never learn to be good at it. They can’t quite figure out the flavors that go into the food. The seasoning will probably be off. The food might not even be enjoyable to anyone but the cook. The point is the process and the enjoyment that can come with it. 


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Baking is more of an exact science than cooking, but there is a lot that can go wrong that takes some skill to fix. Baking is great because who doesn’t love a little sweet treat? At the end of the day, because someone put the time into making it, they will enjoy it no matter how burnt or undercooked it may be. 


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Scrapbooking or collage art is another one of those activities that looks simple from a distance, but once you get started, it’s chaos. There are so many elements that go into it and it takes a creative mind to get it just right. It may not look the best, but it helps document memories and remind you of good times in your life, so you can’t go wrong. 


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We all take part in amateur photography now and then. We see something cool and we whip out our phone to take a picture to either look back on later or share with others. Some people do this more than others as they want most of their life to be recorded for posterity. The photos may not win any awards, but they can hold good memories or beautiful moments.