11 Over-The-Top Opinions People Have That Can Alienate Others

By Krystal Brown

Do you feel like you’re driving people away with your opinions? Here are 11 extreme opinions that many people hate.

Marriage Is Overrated

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Okay, we get it, you have never been lucky in love but there is no need to push the narrative that marriage is not worth it. In fact, many people are happily married and swear by their union.

Is marriage easy? No, but for many it is a cornerstone of their lives that they wouldn’t change for the world. We should not downplay other people’s experiences just because something did not work out for us.

Travelling Is a Waste of Money

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Just because something does not bring you social or economic prospects, does not mean that it is not worth doing. Travelling exposes people to new cultures, ways of thinking, and traditions.

It changes your worldview by allowing you to experience life outside of your norm. So no, Karen, travelling is not a waste of money.

Animals Don’t Have Emotions

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Animal lovers everywhere will hunt you down for this opinion. Just because you cannot feel the emotions, does not mean that they do not exist. Maybe they don’t whine as much as humans, but we should not need proof of their emotions to treat animals with kindness and respect.

Don’t love animals? No problem, not everyone does, but don’t deny that they have thoughts and feelings.

Money Can Buy Happiness

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We have all heard different variations of the saying “I would rather be crying in a Jaguar than on a bus”, but unfortunately many people go through their life without substantial wealth.

This does not mean they are miserable, rather they learn to appreciate the little things and are overall happier than wealthy people. This is often what people say who don’t know the value of true happiness.

World Peace Would Create a Boring World

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Well, I am sorry that people’s suffering is entertaining to you. A peaceful world would facilitate better relationships between countries and make the human experience immensely more enjoyable. Finding stability boring is a red flag, and you should book an appointment with your therapist ASAP.

Technology Is Harmful

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In reality, the way we use technology might be harmful. Technology itself has simplified people’s lives so much over time and reduced the amount of time they spend on mundane tasks. We are in a digital age and unfortunately you cannot escape technology.

You are also very likely to alienate people because of your refusal to accept technology. Yes people use their phones a lot, it’s not going to change.

Body Shaming Encourages People to Take Care of Themselves

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This is a common occurrence in many households, where many young individuals are body shamed to prompt them to work on their appearance. Now, this opinion will most likely get you cut off by the person you are body shaming.

This behavior is reminiscent of a high school bully and no one likes a bully. There are a whole host of psychological reasons that can determine a person’s appearance. You never know what people are going through, so don’t judge.

The Onset of Puberty Should Be the Legal Age of Consent

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This is sure to drive away all your friends and family members that have kids. Supporting the agenda that the legal age of consent should be dropped makes you seem weird and suggests that you have the intention of pursuing pubescent teenagers. Let’s not go back to the dark ages.

Cheating Can Be Justified

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This opinion will send everyone running out of your life. Is the concept of loyalty that foreign to you? If so, why should anyone want to be in your life? Cheating is bad full stop. Trying to justify it means you’re only lying to yourself.

Extreme Political Opinions

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Are you a hardline conservative or a far-left liberal? The truth is, the answer to that question isn’t important. Many people don’t like talking about politics. Even if they vote for the same party as you, people can be driven away if your views are extreme. 

We Are Saving Too Many People

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Okay, calm down, Thanos. None of your family members want to know that you wish that the healthcare system or government do not focus on saving lives. Most people will think you are cruel or inhumane.

Yes, a reduced population size is better for the environment but surely letting people die is not the answer!

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