10 Habits Women Enjoy With Their Friends That Men Find Annoying

By Krystal Brown

Women are quick to complain about all of the annoying things that men do, but they are not exempt from their own set of habits that can grate on others’ nerves. In this revealing list, we’ll explore the behaviors that some women engage in, shedding light on the universal truth that nobody is entirely immune to the occasional annoyance.

Complaining About Them Having a Boy’s Night

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Men love spending time with their wives and girlfriends but they also love hanging out with their buddies from time to time. They will look forward to a night watching the game with a few beers or will buy tickets for a gig in town as a way of winding down with their friends and catching up on what is happening in their lives. While this all sounds good, some women hate their men planning a boy’s night out so will nag them out of it. Men hate it when women complain about them spending time with their friends, despite the fact they have no intention of drinking too much and flirting with women.

Obsessing About Exes

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It is unusual to date a man who does not have an ex unless you are a childhood sweetheart. When a man breaks up with his ex it is usually for a good reason and they are with their current girlfriend for a reason. However, it is difficult for some women to let go of their ex and will obsess over trying to be better than them or constantly comparing everything they do with them. Asking too many questions about an ex or constantly feeling insecure, especially in the bedroom, is something that men find very annoying about women and can lead them to end relationships.


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Women like to gossip with their friends, family members, strangers on the train, and, quite frankly, anyone who will listen. Men, on the other hand, do not have time for gossip and get stressed when their girlfriends are talking about everyone else when all they want is for their woman to give them all of the attention. It also becomes difficult when women start to gossip to their boyfriends about the friends and family members of their boyfriend, making them feel uncomfortable.

Getting Hair Everywhere

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Finding hair in the bathroom sink is something that women have to ensure after their man has shaved. While this is annoying, men say that women fail to see how much hair they leave all over the bathroom and the bedroom all of the time. Hair from brushing long locks ends up all over the house, which is so annoying.

Trying to Change Their Man

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When couples become close they tend to make small changes in their life as they rub off on one another, such as reducing the amount of alcohol they consume or being better at cleaning the bathroom. Sometimes, however, men feel that their woman tries to change them too much which they find suffocating. Men like to hang on to some of their hobbies, whether it be playing football or collecting figurines and they are not ready to give it up for the sake of romance. Trying to change a man too much will mean he is not the man that a woman fell for in the first place.

Not Allowing Privacy

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Men love sharing lots of things with their partner but there are also some things that they wish to keep private. When women begin to listen into their conversations, search through the drawers, or even worse, check their cell phones this is crossing the line. When men do not tell you things it is not always because they are up to something they shouldn’t be, they simply want to keep some things to themselves.

Not Embracing Their Hobbies

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If men like to play squash or are into gaming or taxidermy, for example, women should leave them be as they are having fun. Interfering with a man’s hobby could mean the end of a relationship as sometimes not embracing their hobby means a man cannot be truly himself. Of course, if there are dangerous or unethical hobbies, such as hunting, that take up man’s life then it should be called into question but if not then leave them be.

Saying They Are Fine

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When a woman says they are fine they are most certainly not fine. Men cannot stand it when women do not get to the point and are begging them to just say how they are feeling. Passive-aggressive behavior does work well with men so women just need to say what is bothering them so the issue can be discussed.

Acting Like His Mom

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A man wants his girlfriend to be his girlfriend and not his mom. Being too overbearing, nagging them to clean up, and speaking to them like they are their mom is something that will send men running a mile. If a man does something wrong then talk about it like an adult couple instead of sending him to timeout.


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As well as gossiping about everyone else, as we have read about, men also hate it when women overshare their relationships. Sometimes men will be in a group conversation and women will spill about an argument they had that morning or, even worse, about their sex lives. Men wish that the women in their lives would keep things to themselves a lot more.