Unspoken Truths: 10 Things We All Secretly Know But Won’t Admit

By Aaron Stone

Sometimes we want to make life easier for ourselves by living in denial. But facing the truth, even when it’s difficult, is always the best course of action. Here are 10 things we all secretly know are true but won’t admit:

Some Things Are Your Fault

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No matter how much we try to justify our actions and pin the blame on other people, we have to admit that we are sometimes wrong. Even a perfect straight-A student gets things wrong from time to time and you will be the bigger person when you own up to your mistakes. It can actually be more difficult covering up your mistakes than owning up to them and you will be a better person in the long run if you are honest with yourself.

Appearances Do Matter

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We spend our lives telling ourselves that we should embrace who we are and if we are a little different that is ok. While this is very true in a lot of ways, the truth is that sometimes we have to admit that more attractive people do seem to get further in life, both in the dating world and in their careers. This shouldn’t be the case but it is, so sometimes we just have to dress up a bit. 

Opinions Are Not Facts

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You may think you are correct and spend three hours debating the ins and outs of why you are right with your friends but sometimes facts win. Your opinions will never beat scientific facts and as much as you want to believe things are true, sometimes they are not. That is not to say it is fun having a debate but know when you have to concede. 

You Can’t Make Someone Love You

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You can’t help how you feel but that means that you cannot make other people feel something either. Unrequited love is the worst kind of love as you fear that your feelings for someone will never be reciprocated. If you are in love with someone who is showing signs of being interested, no amount of gifts or sweet words will change their mind. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can spend time finding someone who feels the same way back. 

You Cannot Save Everyone

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It is nice to care for people when they are having a bad time and it is great when you see people change under your care. However, there will be times in your life when you just cannot help people. Sometimes you will not be able to travel to help, afford to help, or have the skills to help. At other times, you might do all that is in your power to help people, and the old saying “people need to want the help” comes into play. 

Life Isn’t Fair

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That’s right, sometimes when things go wrong you just cannot make any sense of it all and it is nobody’s fault. Even the most positive of people have to admit that sometimes life is just not fair and it is awful when bad things happen to the good guys. It hurts to see people you love in pain but all you can do is be there for whatever they need you to do. 

Being Overweight is Unhealthy

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We are living in a world in which we embrace different body sizes and people of all shapes and sizes should be respected. However, no matter how much exercise an overweight person does, they are still statistically going to experience more medical issues than someone who is at optimum body weight.

Alcohol is Poison

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Just as we justify gaming a few pounds as being ok, which it is if it is just a few pounds, we also justify drinking alcohol. In reality, alcohol is not good for our bodies, especially if we are predisposed to certain illnesses such as heart disease and obesity. Abstaining from alcohol altogether may not be necessary for all but if everyone cut down their intake it would lead to a healthier nation. 

Watching Media is Not Research 

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How many arguments have you heard people say “I saw it on Facebook” or “This guy on Twitter told me”? Unfortunately, you cannot believe everything you read on social media and, indeed, the media as a whole. Wherever you get your information from you should make sure that it is fact checked which you can do by checking another source to see if it is true. 

You Will Be Judged for Your Poor Grammar

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If you think people will just brush by the consistent mistakes you make in your emails or texts, think again. The grammar police are everywhere and you will have friends who remember when you missed out a semicolon in a group email 2 years ago. It is easy to forget about grammar these days as younger generations embrace text speak and tend to shorten a lot of words but beware, people are paying attention.


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