10 Hardest Things about Being Single According to Men, Do You Agree?

By Krystal Brown

Being single can be great. It’s a time to focus on yourself, your career, and your hobbies. You don’t have to answer to anyone, and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

But being single can also be tough. There are times when you may feel lonely, isolated, or insecure. You may also miss the companionship and intimacy of a romantic relationship.

In an online forum, men shared their thoughts on the hardest things about being single. Here are the top 10.

Nobody to Love

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A happy relationship provides a partner, an ideal friend, a source of inspiration, a person to trust, and someone to play with. You have it all in a single individual. The situation is different if you’re single. A contributor expresses how demoralizing it is to not have that one person “who actively stresses/contemplates how you’re coping and wants to be there for you if you’re doing anything right or wrong, with no selfish motives.” Even though some people claim that being in love and loving another person is selfish, we know that this refers to having someone to share your life with.

Fear of Not Finding Love

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After being single for a while, you start to worry that you’ll never meet “The One.” It might be challenging since many people think you should first feel good about yourself and not be in a rush to find love. You’ve heard the saying, “Love yourself first, then love others.” They are often urged to keep their hearts open and not allow fear to stop them from attempting because finding a relationship requires being actively looking for one.

Nobody to Cook For

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Everyone may experience this differently. Some individuals find pleasure in making their lover something lovely and delectable, and then watching them enjoy it. Being single implies you don’t have anyone to cook for. Even if there was, you would desire your partner’s smile of gratitude more than anybody else’s.

Feeling Worthless

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Generally speaking, people would advise you not to base your value on others, but this is a lot simpler said than done. We crave companionship because we are social animals. The worst aspect of being alone for some men is feeling empty and useless because they don’t have a companion. People fail to realize that just saying “it’ll happen eventually” won’t change anything. You attempt to focus on pastimes and other pursuits, but without someone to share them with, it all feels hollow.

Pressure from Others

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I used to believe that pressure from both families and society exclusively applied to women. That is false because guys experience it as well. “It’s simply the pressure from my family and parents on when I’m going to marry or find a partner,” someone lamented on the forum. The frightening part is that he is 22. Family members are the major source of pressure, although society can also be a factor. Many parents make a big fuss about dating while their kids are young and then expect them to fall in love on their own when they’re older, which doesn’t help the situation.


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A fun fact: I learned that even individuals in relationships occasionally experience loneliness. Loneliness can be a fleeting emotion for some individuals. Others never get over it. It’s understandable, though. There is less intimacy when you are single. You may have friends, but we both know that they aren’t the same. “The loneliness is devouring me,” a commenter says. I’m actively seeking to find a love connection, but I’m having no luck.”

No Cuddles

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It is self-evident. What would life be without hugs? The longest nights of our life are those in which we awaken at ungodly hours yearning for the warmth of another person but knowing that we cannot get it. I hear someone say, “Get a cat.” Sorry, cat enthusiasts! Even the cutest, cuddliest animals can’t fill all the pieces.

Single, Not Sick

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One of the toughest things, according to a contributor, is either having other people say you have a problem or thinking other people believe you have a problem. Why do some individuals believe that being single is a bad thing? Some individuals choose to be single, and they are pleased and joyful. While some people may not choose to remain alone, they are nonetheless enjoying their lives to the fullest; this does not make them sick or pitiful.

Nobody to Eat With

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A lot of people dislike eating and sleeping alone. Some men find it difficult to get used to the free seat at the other end of the dinner table when they are single. For some, eating alone in eateries or public spaces is much worse. Contrary to popular belief, one person argues that eating alone is one of those situations that our imaginations tend to exaggerate. No one will be concerned 99% of the time since they are preoccupied with their own life.

Being Single Implies Having Free Time

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I’m not sure where the theory started. Another user on the online forum laments that simply because he is single, everyone assumes he has ample free time. It becomes worse when they believe that keeping him busy with their tasks during his free time is doing him a favor. Just because a person is single doesn’t mean they have unlimited free time. They’ve got a life, okay?

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