10 Things Americans Do Really Well Compared to the Rest of the World

By Krystal Brown

Americans have their flaws, like anyone else. But they’re also the best at a lot of things. Here’s a look at 10 things Americans do well:

Restaurant Substitutions

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When an American enters a restaurant they fully expect to get exactly what they want, regardless of the menu. When they see an item in a dish that they don’t like on a dish they will ask for a substitution and pretty much every time the restaurant will accommodate. Americans also do food intolerances very well so when a recipe needs to be adapted, food establishments are capable of doing so. In other countries, however, while there will be options on the menu that are vegan and gluten-free there is much less tolerance for people asking for substitutions to the menu. 

Jazz and Blues Music

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BB King, John Coltrane, and Chuck Berry are just a few of the names of people in the Jazz and Blues cannon which shows that Americans know how to do music. So many U.S musicians have influenced the way people make music today and for that we should be forever thankful. 

Theme Parks

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From Disneyland to Universal Studios, America has the best that theme parks have to offer with the biggest and best rides known to man. There is something for all ages in an American theme park with rollercoasters and interactive rides that leave the whole world wanting to book a ticket. There are theme parks in other countries but they are not as big and not as accessible as they are few and far between.


Camping with kids
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Turn up to any American’s home and you will find them out in their garden barbecuing the best pieces of meat you will ever taste. Not only will there be top-quality burgers, Americans know how to marinade and smoke pork, beef, ribs, and any other type of meat you can think of. While people in other countries will simply throw a few sausages onto o a BBQ, Americans will have been preparing the meal all week.

Higher Education

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While there are prestigious colleges and universities throughout the world, the U.S. celebrates some of the best. With Ivy League schools such as Yale and Harvard, people can look forward to a high-quality education with many schools consistently appearing in the top 100 in the world. 


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Food is somewhat of a theme in this list but that is because Americans have so much choice compared to some countries. While chip flavors are abundant and as much candy as you can dream of, cereal is one food that Americans know how to do well. Whereas there is half on an aisle in most grocery stores for cereal, in the U.S there are some stores that have multiple cereal aisles as there needs to be space for the hundreds of varieties on offer, from the famous Lucky Charms to Apple Jacks and Raisin Bran. 

Hyping People Up

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The positivity that people have for one another in the U.S. is unmatched. With everyone from college students congratulating one another on their latest A grade or sports stars beginning each other on the pitch, Americans are all about the hype. People in the U.S. love watching one another win things, which probably stems from them being one of the most patriotic countries in the world.


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When you run out of laundry powder at 3 am or you need to rush out before the school run for lunch bag supplies, you can rely on there being a store open in the U.S. Some countries, especially in Europe, have set store opening times and they do not have much in the way of smaller convenience stores so there is a lot of hanging around waiting for stores to open. The fact that you can get pretty much anything you want around the clock in the U.S. is particularly great for shift workers and insomniacs. 


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While parts of the U.S. do not embrace diversity it is happening and it has been happening for a very long time so you will see all cultures and ethnicities coming together for the better. You will see children from all backgrounds in school playgrounds, stores that sell food from around the world, and an amazing variety of restaurants where you can buy everything from Korean food to the best Polish snacks around. While diversity is everywhere, certain states of the US have embraced it more than anywhere else. 


Couples watching movie
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Hollywood and New York have paved the way for many in the film and TV industry, with U.S. culture influencing the world over. With state-of-the-art filming studios to the best casting agents in the world, the U.S. is the hub for actors to showcase their talents to the rest of the world. There are other important countries in the world of entertainment, such as Japan and the UK but the U.S. but the star in stardom.