10 Unexpected Household Items That Could Be Aging You Faster

By Krystal Brown

You may be trying to get rid of fine lines and relieve stress, but there may be items in your home that are unknowingly contributing to your aging process. Here are some of the most surprising items that could be making you look older

1. Processed Foods

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Do you love burgers? What about canned goods and instant noodles? These are the go-to foods for those who do not have the luxury of time to cook, or it could be that you love these along with chips and other highly processed foods. Do you know that these foods contain high amounts of sugar and salt? Yes, you read that right! They have loads of fat and starch also. Daily consumption of processed foods can shorten your body’s telomeres, found at the ends of our chromosomes. These telomeres protect these chromosomes as they replicate and become shorter over time. As processed foods shorten these telomeres, the aging process also speeds up.  

2. Plastic Food Containers

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You already know that the chemicals in plastics are harmful to your health, yet you still use them to pack your sandwich, store your food and beverages, and reheat food, among others. Many of you are fond of using plastic/disposable cutlery. Even baby feeding bottles are made of plastic materials. 

Bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA) is a chemical used in plastic products. This can seep into your food or beverage and affect the body’s hormonal balance, not to mention the other health risks associated with this chemical. Thus, it is recommended to use BPA-free products and, if possible, avoid using plastic food containers completely. 

3. Non-stick Cookware

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For those who love cooking, you sure are familiar with non-stick pans and kitchen utensils. Why did non-stick cookware become so popular? Aside from stating what is already given (that your food does not stick on your pans), this also translates to using less oil, and cleaning is definitely easier compared to most pans. However, these pans containing polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE), or what is known as “forever chemical”, are associated with some health risks, including hormonal imbalances, which in turn speeds up the body’s aging process, making stainless steel and cast iron cookware the better choice. 

4. Artificial Lighting/Bulbs

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Light during the day and darkness at night is a perfect combination. The former sets the body to working mode to perform some activities during the day, while the latter sets the body to rest and sleep, giving the body a good balance. But the shift to work-from-home arrangements or other activities, including exposure to blue light from screens has negatively impacted sleep patterns, which not only affects your overall well-being but also leads to hormonal imbalance and premature aging. 

5. Scented Candles

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Do you love to collect scented candles? They are so fragrant that you cannot resist having one, perhaps in your home. They are said to provide relaxation after a long day. But in reality, these scented candles contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. These chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released during the process of burning. Candle smoke is not only toxic but also affects the chromosomes, thereby speeding up the aging process.

6. Air Fresheners/Deodorizers

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While you try to keep your home smell fresh and clean, you spray air fresheners around or place gel air fresheners in the corners of your home. However, do you know that these air fresheners and deodorizers are also sources of pollutants around your home? As you try to avoid outdoor pollutants, unknowingly, you have trapped yourself in indoor pollutants, which can trigger adverse health effects on your skin and the respiratory system.

7. Old Pillows and Mattresses

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Having a good sleep repairs the cells and your entire system, but how do you get enough sleep if you are no longer comfortable laying on your old pillows and mattresses? Invest in quality and comfortable bedroom stuff to get a good night’s sleep.

8. Lack of Greenery/House Plants

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Plants do not only add life to your place but also cleanse the air. You know very well that these greens take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plus, these lush greens are pleasant to the eyes. 

9. Household Cleaning Products

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It is given that you want to have a clean home, but before you add those cleaning products to your cart, think twice! Household cleaning products contain a lot of harsh chemicals that may irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs. These chemicals can also speed up the aging process.  

10. Sedentary Furniture Arrangement/Layout

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The way you arrange your furniture can affect your lifestyle. It can mean that you will just be a couch potato in that particular arrangement, so better arrange it in a way that encourages you to move around and gives you better energy. 

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