10 Jobs That Exist Solely Due to Human Stupidity

By Krystal Brown

From the whimsically commonplace to the profoundly consequential facets of life, a peculiar interplay exists between human conduct and the demand for particular professions. While some roles arise from genuine necessity, others find their origins in the less commendable aspects of human behavior.

Political Fact-Checkers

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 Let’s be honest, politicians have never been known for telling the truth. However, in times past we had to do the work ourselves to find out whether what they were saying was based on fact or fiction.

With the rise of search engines and instant news with social media, we can get access to the truth much faster, and political fact checkers can quickly point out any inaccuracies. If politicians weren’t so stupidly dishonest, they wouldn’t be required!


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Bouncers (also called door supervisors) and important to maintaining peace and order in bars and clubs. They are important for dealing with unruly customers who have probably had a little too much to drink.

Sadly, we wouldn’t need them at all if people just knew how to behave themselves. But while humans have a habit of overindulging in alcohol, the poor decision-making it causes will always lead to incidents that requires bouncers.

Small Claims Court Judges

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Small claims courts often see the pettiest of judgments. They usually relate to a small amounts of money but the disputes that are brought to the court usually have some resentment, stubbornness and bitterness behind them.

Almost all small claims could be resolved by an amicable agreement. With a little common sense and better judgment, a small claims court judge wouldn’t be needed at all. Instead, many people stupidly lie and can’t have a grown-up conversation about their dispute.

Warning Label Creators

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Behind every warning label is a story. Do you ever see a warning label and think “why do they need to even remind people of that?”. Well, the answer is that some stupid person has caused them to put that label on there.

Some warning labels are obviously required but most aren’t, or at least, shouldn’t be. Warning labels are a testament to the stupidity that a lot of us humans have. Some people still proverbially need to have their hands held when doing the simplest of tasks.


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Of course, many people believe in psychics, so I won’t be too harsh. However, their existence is because people are scared of the uncertainties in life. They also prey on those who are vulnerable due to the loss of a loved one.

There is no scientific proof to show that psychics are genuine. Even with this in mind and with the advancement of science, many still seek guidance from the supernatural. 

Fraud Prevention Specialists

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‘Stupid’ is probably a bit harsh here as there are many scams out there that are devilishly clever. It’s also true that many scam artists like to prey on those who are vulnerable, such as older people who aren’t as knowledgeable about technology.

But there are many scams that are very obvious and should never work. For these, we need fraud prevention specialists to try and track these people down and put a stop to it. It’s always good to remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Social Workers

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We’ve had a bit of fun with some of these jobs, but this is a sad one. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who don’t get the support they need. Stupid people put the needs of themselves above those they should be caring for.

While they wouldn’t be needed in a perfect world, thankfully we have social workers who heroically work hard to make people’s lives better.

Tech Support

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To say ‘solely exist’ probably isn’t completely correct but without stupidity, most people in tech support could probably be part-time! So many of the issues that they are dealing with could be solved with a bit of initiative.

There is the famous joke of “have you turned it on and off again” but this is the reality for most issues. And many other problems can be solved with very minimal effort.

Live Chat Representatives

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Live chat representatives are on this list for a similar reason. Many of the issues they deal with can easily be solved. On many websites, they have a troubleshooting section that allows you easily to find the solution you need.

Live chat has made customer service easier for many but most problems can be fixed by either looking at their website or a quick Google search. In this modern day, people are too quick to reach out for assistance instead of doing it themselves.

Sewer Workers

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The only thing that should be going into sewers is our human waste. If this is all that went down there, the systems would run smoothly, and problems would be incredibly rare.

Instead, our waste management practices leave a lot to be desired. The fat we poor down drains will solidify and those baby wipes are never going to dissolve. If we were a little less stupid with what we flush, sewer workers wouldn’t need to clean up our mess.

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