The Great Internet Showdown: 10 Hilarious Debates That Left Us LOLing

By Krystal Brown

Brace yourselves for a belly-busting journey into the internet’s funniest debates, where laughter reigns supreme and wit knows no bounds!

Pineapple on Pizza

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Is it acceptable or an abomination? This debate revolves around the polarizing topic of whether or not pineapple should be a topping on pizza. Supporters argue that the sweet and tangy flavor of pineapple complements the savory ingredients, while opponents find the combination unusual or downright offensive to traditional pizza norms.

Cats vs. Dogs

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Which pet is superior? This timeless debate brings out the playful rivalry between cat lovers and dog lovers. Cat enthusiasts may argue that felines are independent, low-maintenance, and offer a unique charm, while dog lovers emphasize the loyalty, companionship, and affectionate nature of their canine companions.

Toilet Paper Roll Orientation

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Over or under? This seemingly trivial debate centers around the proper way to position the roll on a toilet paper holder. Supporters of the “over” orientation argue for its ease of use and neat appearance, while those in favor of the “under” orientation claim it helps prevent excessive unraveling.

Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich

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This lighthearted debate sparks humorous conversations about the technical definition of a sandwich. While some argue that a hot dog is indeed a sandwich, given its bread and filling, others insist that it falls into its unique category due to its elongated shape and specific ingredients.

Do You Wash Your Legs in the Shower?

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This debate questions whether individuals actively wash their legs while taking a shower or if the soap running down from the upper body is sufficient.

GIF Pronunciation

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Hard “G” or soft “G”? This debate revolves around the correct pronunciation of the acronym “GIF,” which stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Some people insist on pronouncing it with a hard “G” (like “gift”), while others argue for a soft “G” (like “jiff”). It’s a lighthearted discussion that often involves playful banter.

Is Cereal a Soup?

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This comical debate questions whether cereal, consisting of milk and various grains, qualifies as a soup. While some argue that it meets the criteria of a liquid-based dish with added ingredients, others find it absurd to consider cereal and soup in the same category.

Should the Toilet Seat Be Left Up or Down?

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This age-old debate between genders often leads to amusing exchanges. Some argue that the toilet seat should be left down for convenience and hygiene, while others insist that it’s more practical to leave it up after use, especially for men.

Is Water Wet?

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This playful philosophical debate ponders whether water itself can be considered wet. Some argue that for something to be wet, it must be in contact with another substance, while others believe that water is inherently wet due to its molecular structure and ability to make other things wet.

The Proper Way to Eat a Kit Kat

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Bite it or break it? This light-hearted debate focuses on the preferred method of consuming a Kit Kat chocolate bar. Some individuals insist on biting into the whole bar, while others emphasize the satisfaction of breaking off each individual wafer segment before eating.

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