10 Common Hints Men Simply Cannot Understand

By Aaron Stone

Women are often seen as mysterious creatures, and their behavior can leave men scratching their heads. But what if there was a way to decode their signals and understand what they’re really thinking? In this article, we’ll explore 11 female hints that leave men confused and offer tips on how to decipher them.

Playful Teasing

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Playful teasing and banter can be a sign of comfort and flirtation. If a woman is engaging in light teasing, it might be her way of expressing interest and creating a fun, dynamic interaction. Men should play along and reciprocate with good-natured banter.

Asking Personal Questions

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Any woman wants to be in a two-way conversation with their man but sometimes men just do not want to fully engage. To get to know people we build up to asking personal questions once the surface chit-chat is out of the way. Women are often the ones to start the personal conversations so when they ask a man a deeper question they expect to receive one in return. Unfortunately, some men do not get the hint and this can put a lot of women off. 

The Art of Silence

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When a woman is not interested in talking to a man or pursuing a second date they will be polite and respond to a text message but it will be brief and concise. The nature of a short text, which is often just one word, is to acknowledge the sender’s message but not to invite a longer conversation. Frustratingly, some men do not take the hint and continue to try to woo a woman who is not interested. 

Lack of Physical Contact

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Wanting to discreetly touch your date by brushing up against them or moving their hair from their face is a sign that you are really into them. If a woman’s urge to do this is lacking when they are on dates then they may not be into the man they are on a date with. Some men do not pick up on the lack of touch and still believe that they are in with a chance of a future date. 

Misreading People Being Friendly

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Men can often misread people working in the hospitality industry who are simply being friendly as coming on to them. Just because they are good at their jobs does not mean that they want you to flirt with them and ask you out on a date. The amount of women working in bars and restaurants who have to fend off men is more than you could ever imagine.

A Woman Needing Space

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If a woman is at the doctor’s surgery minding her own business or has her head stuck in her while on the subway, they do not want to be disturbed by a man making small talk. A woman may be polite and friendly to someone next to her, saying hello and goodbye but that is about it, most of the time at least. Men need to get better at reading the signs of a woman that simply wants to be left alone. 

Offering the Opportunity to Cuddle

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In the early stages of a relationship, someone has to make the first move when it comes to intimacy. A woman may give subtle hints that she wants to cuddle to move things on a little but men will often read the signs that they want to get cozy as something different. Men should pay attention to women who are asking them to get a blanket as they may miss an opportunity to snuggle up thinking that she is simply cold. 

Being Invited Into a Personal Spaces 

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While some women will want to initiate the next step and wish their man would take the hint to make a move, some others are desperate for men to back off. Men who do not notice a woman’s discomfort at their personal space being invaded are infuriated. When a woman begins to walk backward to get away from you or makes excuses for them to leave, men need to take the hint. 

Wanting to Spend Quality Time Together

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If a woman wants to spend time with her man she may plan a nice meal or a romantic evening together but may have a little fun with it. If a woman is inviting you over to her house to watch a movie and get a takeout together, the chances are she wants to get up close and personal. If you are a man who turns up with a 4-hour movie and a bag full of snacks, you have got the wrong end of the stick. 

Fancy Nightwear

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If a woman is wearing different nightwear than usual, for example, satin pajamas or a night slip, they may be giving you a hint that they don’t want to go to sleep straight away. Some men, however, are oblivious to what women are wearing and are snoring within seconds of getting into bed. 

Missing Invitations

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Sometimes a woman doesn’t want to come out and say that she would like to be intimate with her man so she will be creative in ways to invite men into her bed. It seems that some men are not good at picking up on these hints so when she texts him to come to her house to fix the shower in the middle of the day he turns up with a toolbox.