10 Cars That Redefine Relaxation – Once You Get In, You Won’t Want to Get Out

By Krystal Brown

In our increasingly fast-paced modern world, the time spent commuting or running errands should provide a brief dose of respite and stress relief from hectic lives. 

For those seekers of tranquility looking for the most serene, rejuvenating rides, here are the new vehicles I find most adept at relaxing drivers and passengers alike thanks to their optimized combination of smooth performance, decadent accommodations, and sublimely refined cabin ambiance. Close your eyes, breathe deep, and let these mechanized havens on four wheels melt worries away mile after blissful mile.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Editorial credit: North Monaco / Shutterstock.com

The vaunted S-Class remains the peak of motoring luxury across all vehicles past or present. Impeccable attention to detail in comfort, materials, ride quality, and cabin environment delivers a sensory experience that gently massages away the miles with optionally ventilated massage seats, cabin fragrance ionization, dynamic multi-color ambient interior lighting, and supremely quiet power delivery. It’s essentially a leather-lined rolling spa treatment.

BMW 7 Series

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BMW matches Mercedes stride for stride by artfully blending cutting-edge luxury features into its full-size sedan flagship to create a protective cocoon of comfort in transit. From acoustic glass that hushes wind noise, to micro-suede headliner, to power side window shades, to amazing multicontour front seats with multiple massage modes, the latest 7 Series aims to soothe and revitalize occupants no matter how weary the workweek left them.

Lincoln Navigator

Editorial credit: chorche de prigo / Shutterstock.com

In successfully bringing flagship elegance and refinement to a full-size luxury SUV, Lincoln hit a home run with the latest Navigator’s sybaritic haven of an interior. With its Yacht Club-worthy cabin materials, 30-way adjustable multi-contour power seats boasting heating, cooling and massage settings for both driver and front passenger, plus clever climate comfort enhancements like heated rear seats and steering wheel, road trips and family shuttling suddenly become not just bearable but actually rejuvenating. The giant panoramic sunroof further amplifies natural light and outward views to connect with the surroundings.

Volvo XC90 Excellence

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Volvo offers the ultimate in Scandinavian-inspired sanctuary with the special three-seat Excellence variant of its admirable crossover flagship. Rear passengers are treated to indulgent power-reclining chairs mimicking first class seats, plus retractable touchscreen trays and folding tables. All interior materials are awash with natural light from expansive glass panels spanning the cabin ceiling. Getting there sans stress or driver input embodies just how carefree the automotive journey can ultimately feel thanks to Volvo.

Lexus LS 500

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In its relentless pursuit of perfection, Lexus delivers supreme comfort via buttery semi-aniline leather, striking open pore matte wood trim, and 12-way adjustable rear relaxation seats with both heating and Shiatsu massage functions – all standard. Combine that with a leading 16-way driver’s seat for finding your ideal position, sublime acoustic glass that keeps noise intrusion at a calming minimum, and unique ambient interior lighting reflecting off artwork to delight all senses every trip. The LS 500 is an inspiration on wheels for destressing.

Genesis G90

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Genesis’ full-size luxury sedan sets itself apart by trimming stress away mile after isolated mile with perforated Nappa leather seats complementing authentic matte wood interior trim. Between the limo-like rear seat accommodations, extensive sound insulation that jaws outside noises, buttery suspension damping road impacts, and silky smooth twin-turbo V6 power delivery full of thrust but short on harshness or vibration, the experience glides occupants down roads without disruption – just hushed refinement.

Bentley Flying Spur

Editorial credit: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock.com

This pillar of true British luxury motoring and obsessive craftsmanship melds amicable road manners with otherworldly material quality to ensconce driver and passengers alike. Beyond expected standard indulgences like painstakingly assembled upholstery from sustainably sourced leather hides stitched to the millimeter, the stately yet sporting Flying Spur cossets four adults (or five in a pinch) within its meticulously constructed cabin cocoon on even gnarliest canyon roads. Graceful external style conceals muscle, while inside there’s nothing but relaxed refinement as the miles unwind behind the wheel. Only the price tag stresses the wallet.

Acura RLX

Editorial credit: betto rodrigues / Shutterstock.com

As the underappreciated pinnacle of Honda’s understated luxury brand, the RLX wields silence and solitude as a virtue via extensive use of sound insulation, acoustic glass, and noise cancelling technology – all in service of an ultra hushed cabin. With intuitive infotainment tech enabling vitalizing massages through the perforated seats and steering wheel, tunable white LED ambient lighting options setting just the right mood, and delivered through a smoother hybrid powertrain, the stately RLX serves as a rolling refuge and private retreat.

Audi A8 L

Editorial credit: betto rodrigues / Shutterstock.com

A singular oasis of progressive style melded with indulgent comfort and refinement, the latest generation Audi A8’s swanky interior surrounds passengers in four-zone automatic climate control to maintain their individual preferred temperatures. This cosseting environment rivals private aircraft first class seats, what with industry leading R&D producing 22-way adjustable power front seats with ventilation, massage, and even footrest functions. Add intuitive latest-generation MMI infotainment system controls with haptic feedback and it becomes readily apparent Audi perfected accessible automotive opulence.

Cadillac CT6

Editorial credit: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock.com

Though soon departing production, Cadillac’s innovative CT6 luxury sedan deserves recognition for its groundbreaking rear camera mirror technology. With the flip of a switch, the traditional rear view morphs into crisp high definition streaming video, effectively eliminating common rear blind spots and allowing greater situational awareness while driving. Surround views enhance parking ease as well. Combine such clever tech with Cadillac’s exceptional Super Cruise hands-free semi-autonomous highway driving assist for the peak of relaxing motoring.

So if a smooth, tranquil, and rejuvenating driving experience is a priority – whether easing a frantic work week’s worries or making road trips breezier for the whole family – make sure to consider test driving any of these most relaxing luxury models. Let their blend of cosseting cabins, intuitive technology, silky drivetrains, and focus on panoramic luxury transport you away from life’s worries when behind the wheel. Zen-like automotive journeys await.

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